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Interview with a Practicing Alchemist and 32nd Degree Mason Engaged In Regular Occult Practices. ‘Nuff Said featuring Rodney McGillvary

Rodney McGillvary, High-Ranking Freemason, Author, Researcher, and Yes, Honest-To-Goodness “Dirt Into Gold” Practicing Alchemist, shares insights into what’s really happening in secret societies, as well as how alchemy IS real, WAS real, and yes, you can actually practice it today….

Oh, and we clarify that Paulo Coehlo B.S…..

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Do Psychic Therapists Need Intake Forms? with Intuitive Counselor Victoria Shaw

Victoria Shaw, Intuitive Counselor, shares with Greg her journey from traditional psychotherapist to psychic-therapist!

The edges of skepticism and belief are examined, as well as peer-reviewed research into the existence of psychic phenomenon.

And to top it all off, she’s based in Connecticut.

Are people from Westport really into this stuff?

Greg asks the hard questions. You’ll be surprised by her answers.

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Greg Meets New York City Legend and Vocal Cartoonist, Zero Boy

Yup. This episode has no intro. No explanation. No context.

This is a trip to the side-show.


Vibrating lightsabers, Wile E. Coyote, and the gaudiest sound effects you’ve ever heard.

Ladies and gentlemen…boys and germs.

Greg meets Vocal Cartoonist, NYC Entertainer, and Contemporary Vaudevillian… Zero Boy.

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Breathwork, Business, and The Birth of The Holotropic Economy with The Pranapreneur Sean Paul Shanor

Did you know you can trip out on your own breath?

Better yet, did you know that tripping out on your own breath might be the first important step towards you becoming filthy rich?

Sean Paul Shanor, CEO of Synergy Space, joins Greg to talk about his transformation into becoming “The Pranapreneur.”

Sean is determined to make spiritual and healing breathwork an essential part of the business space and in this episode, you’ll learn why he tells MBAs to drop out of business school, the one question every entrepreneur should be asking themselves if they were a TRUE entrepreneur (and not just an Instagram #hustleporn clown), and why Jeff Bezos needs a spiritual awakening.

Also, Greg and Sean Paul casually map out alternatives to capitalism that could lead to Utopia.

If you’ve ever been curious about trauma resolution, DMT trips without the drugs, and any of the other benefits of dedicated breathwork facilitation, Sean Paul Shanor is your man.

Just sayin’.

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“Humanoids on Mars? Pics or It Didn’t Happ-Oh #$%! You Have Pictures?!” with Mars Anomaly Research Project’s Lewis Michael Rhinehart

Lewis Michael Rhinehart, UFOlogist, researcher, writer, and leading member of The Mars Anomaly Research project joins Greg to share that when it comes to Mars, yes indeed, the Rovers have found evidence of life…

It’s just never what you possibly could imagine.

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COVID-19 and The Great Reset: What The Global Elites Don’t Want You To Know with Investigative Researcher Rob Yox

Rob Yox, Researcher, Historian, Conspiracy Investigator, and Talk Show Host from Full Spectrum Universe joins Greg to talk about who is really behind the pandemic, who is really pulling the strings on the global stage, and a whole range of controversial views on the sociopolitical landscape we find ourselves in today.

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Gisele is an Earthworm And Other Fun Facts with The Man from the Year 10,000,000,002,021, Mark Jaycox

WARNING: DO NOT EXPECT COHERENT CONVERSATION IN THIS EPISODE.  WARNING: THIS EPISODE WILL OFFEND ALL YOUR SENSES WARNING……The most bizarre episode Greg has ever released.  Mark Jaycox believes he has telepathically led Tom Brady to…

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There’s No Business Like Soul Business: Unlocking Your Portal To True Wealth with Co-Creative Coach Daniela Ion

Daniela Ion is a successful recording artist turned Creative Catalyst for your business.  She is the Co-Creating Coach!  And while a lot of what she speaks about in this episode has to do with showing up on-camera as a means of channeling…

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Big Foot, Wormholes, and Schrödinger’s Paranormal with Author and Researcher George Mitrovic

George Mitrovic, author of over 50 books, joins Greg to talk about the strange and unexplained, but in a completely new way.  Whether it’s Virgin Mary sightings, UFOS, or Big Foot, George has spent the majority of his life looking for…

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The Hermetic Principles Behind Thinking Your Boss Is A Prick with Human Source Coder and Multi-Potentialities Kellie Stewart

Kellie Stewart is an expert in human behavioral science.    Kellie Stewart is an expert in the laws of nature.   Kellie Stewart is an expert in metaphysics.    Kellie Stewart… an expert in being an expert. …

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