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Was “Goodnight Moon” A Conspiracy Theory? with Cosmic and Metaphysical Researcher Constance Briggs

Metaphysical, Spiritual, and Cosmic Researcher Constance Victoria Briggs joins Greg to discuss her book, “The Encyclopedia of Moon Mysteries,” as well as dives deep into her personal paranormal and out-of-body experiences that made her the dedicated “fringe” researcher she is today.

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The “Still Celebrating Mother’s Day Because I’m the Mom of 24 Hybrid Alien Children” Episode with DNA Reprogrammer and Hypnotherapist Geraldine Orozco

Geraldine Orozco, Psychic Healer, DNA Reprogrammer, Hypnotherapist, and Hybrid Mother, joins Greg to discuss her UFO/ET contact origin story, the powerful gifts she received, and the difference between the real aliens and the government’s “aliens.”

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The M-Files: Beware of Ghost Sickness with “Michigan’s Mulder” Paranormal Investigator Marie Cisneros

Marie Cisneros, journalist, MUFON researcher, scientist, paranormal investigator, author, and astrologer (among many other things) joins Greg to talk about her life’s work and how she became the “Mulder of Michigan.”

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Pillow Talk for your Narcissist Lover with Behavioral Profiling Expert and Dating Coach Lily Walford

International Dating Coach and Human Behavioral Profiling Expert Lily Walford joins Greg to talk about the real body language of love, how to hack narcissist romance, and evidence-based ways to find the person you’re meant to be with. If you’re into applied psychology and nonverbal communication, this episode will be better than your next Tinder date. Guaranteed.

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Closer Encounters with [Insert Multiple Alien Emojis Here] with ET/UFO Broadcaster Clarence Mitchell

Clarence Mitchell, UFO/ET experiencer and host of the popular show, Closer Encounters Radio, joins Greg to share his first-hand experiences with off-world beings. As well as details insights into who is telling the truth about these experiences….and who just plain ain’t.

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Imagineering Your Psyche with Sanomentology Founder, Martin Rothery

In this episode, Martin Rothery, Found of Sanomentology, discusses the origins of his radically new methodology for mind therapy and speaks about what’s really possible when you fully understand the protocols for accessing the dream state for profound transformation. If you love hypnosis, you’ll love this episode. If you love spirituality, philosophy, psychology, theology, ancient sleep temples, and therapists that don’t charge money UNTIL they get the result because they believe in their methodology that, you won’t want to miss this one…

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My Ghouly Hex-Girlfriend with Queen of the Paranormal Talk Show, PARAFlixx’s Vivian Noir

Vivian Noir. She’s witchy, she’s spooky, she’s all together ooky,

Vivian’s the Ghoul Babe and Host of The Dead Hours show on YouTube. She’s been deemed “The Queen of the Paranormal Talk Show” and her show is now featured as part of the brand new streaming service PARAFlixx.

She joins Greg to talk pet peeves about psychics and the paranormal community, the contemporary fascination with attractive goth women, her experience confronting a supernatural doppelgänger, and most importantly, her experiences hexing people.

Does she curse Greg for eternity by the end of the episode? You’ll have to listen to find out.

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My Boss, L. Ron Hubbard with Sky Book’s Peter Moon

Legendary author and publisher of the Montauk Project books, Peter Moon, joins Greg to talk a little bit about time travel….but a lot more about his latest book’s subject, L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology. Peter worked directly under him to serve in his personal office.

Synchronicities abound in Peter Moon’s life. You might even experience a few yourself after listening to Peter’s travails as he crosses paths with the fringe-famous, including names like: Preston Nichols, Cameron Duncan, Robert Shea, David B. Anderson, and of course, Douglas Dietrich.

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If Chakras Were Chick Flicks: The Soulful Guide to Soulmate Stalking with Chiara Townley

Chiara Townley is a spiritual advisor, writer, and rebel lover.

And she has quite a story to tell…

It’s a story that involves spirit guides, chakras, LinkedIn stalking, and unabashed romance.

This is the closest Open Loops gets to doing a chick flick.

That said, Chiara has a sweet Italian accent so it makes it that much more romantic.

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Every Good Resurrection Has An After Party: Near Death Experiences In The Bible with Author Jay W. Spillers

It’s the day after Easter. Open Loops is here to celebrate.

Non-denominationally, of course…

Author Jay W. Spillers shares his research and beliefs on the significant proofs that Near Death Experiences are not only cited by the Bible, but part of the whole entire religious experience.

If all your life is flashing before your eyes and you need something to listen to, this episode will be perfect.

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