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Podcasters Are OBSESSED With Their Own Voices: A Greg Meditation

Will Greg find self-love? And how does it help you to find your own self-love, practically, in a world of democratized influence?

All baked within the warm, molten chocolate lava cake context of whatever the eff this show is about.

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NLP for Narcissists

Andrew T. Austin strikes again! A brilliant post about how narcissists use NLP to gaslight others inspires Greg to record his commentary on how self-helpers do, indeed, gaslight you, as well as teach you fundamental principles of the study of subjective experience, “Neuro-Linguistic Programming.”

We’re pretty sure that’s what the eff this show is about….

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The Devil Cat In Your Head: A Greg Meditation

How does language imprison your psyche and how do you escape those doubting voices like Harry Houdini at Alcatraz? Go deep into the rabbit hole of mind technology (NLP, hypnosis, mindfulnness) and discover the root solution that’s a skeleton key to your freedom.

Or maybe Greg’s just rambling about whatever the eff this show is about. You decide.

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Intellectual Escapism 2.0: A Greg Meditation

What is the bridge from reality to fringe to fantasy? Greg examines the concept from hypnosis, “pacing and leading” and relates it to whatever the eff he talks about on this show.

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Pleiadians Are Hot, Reptilians Are Not, and Greys…Just Are: A Nonstop Life of ET Contact and Abduction with Kenneth Hopkins

Kenneth Hopkins, Researcher of UFO and ET Phenomena and Experiencer of Abductions and Contactee, goes deep into the breedin’, seedin’, and human parts feedin’ of the aliens he’s been encountering his entire life….

Greg knows people from Massachusetts are liberal….but not this liberal!

An intergalactic post-Thanksgiving feast like none other. Hope you saved some room.

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Y’ALL BEEN HYPNOTIZED!!!: Guaranteed to Work Simple Solutions for an Out of Control Complex World with Former Member of Elite America Founders Bloodline, James Pentangle

No, no. We didn’t just write the summary as the title.

…Oh wait, maybe we did.

Greg is joined by James Pentangle, a “man” who recently discovered 3 years ago that his ancestry is connected to those that killed the witches and two dogs at the Salem Witch Trials. And further, he’s traced his roots back to the 13 elite family bloodlines that rule over the entire globe.

But James has shed and denounced his New World Order connections, and has a message to spread to the masses about the trance we’re all stuck in.

In this episode, James provides tips to get us back to a place in contemporary society where we can thrive again. We dare to ask questions like:

What is the Moon? How about the Mandela effect? Did Jesus exist? Is the Bible an occult grimoire? Can gamifying the act of setting your house on fire be fun for the whole family?

All these questions, answered. And a whole lot more. Y’all gonna loop real good.

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Hop On The Magic Ghoul Bus: The Open Loops Halloween Special with Paranormal Maven/Vampire Stephanie Bingham

“The Miss Frizzle of The Paranormal!”

You’ve seen her on SyFy and The CW… Stephanie Bingham, paranormal researcher, psychic medium, ghost hunter, and ultimate experiencer of all thing frightening (ie, ghouls, fairies, cryptids, hauntings, seances, spirits, demons, witches, faeries, jinns, and Andrew Lloyd Weber musicals) returns to Open Loops in a very special Halloween episode.

If you’ve ever felt like you were third wheeling a ghost and a psychic medium you invited out on a first date, this episode is for YOU!

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How to Start Your Own NXIVM: Cult Tactics for Dummies

Greg discusses why the manipulative and hypnotic self-personal development cult tactics of Keith Raniere, convicted criminal and founder of NXIVM, as well as the time he was emotionally abused by a hypnotist (who may have been a guest of this show?!?)!

There’s really no such thing as a fun, friendly neighborhood sex cult anymore, is there?

Get loopy. You may learn a thing or two about spiritual and psychological deception, and how easy it is.

Unleash the Giant Narcissist Within….it’s Open Loops.

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The Montauk Redemption or “How an Actual Government Conspiracy Can Shed Light On Everything Worth Knowing About The ENITRE Extraterrestrial History of Good and Evil Throughout All of Time” with Rocko Fowler and Psionic League Founder Sean Bond

Greg welcomes back (Former) Montauk Project Victim Rocko Fowler with his spiritual healer Sean Bond, Founder of the Psionic League. They’ll discuss Rocko’s recovery of memories from the infamous Camp Hero conspiracy in the early 90s, as well as clearing evil entities, DNA Activation, Spirit (Light Body) Wisdom and Past Life work.

Also, Seinfeld and cloning dinosaurs. Wait…they’re hiding DINOSAURS?!?

Voted #2 podcast to listen to on your trip down to a Deep Underground Military Base… one of the weirdest and most beautifully heartfelt episodes yet!!!

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