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The Don’t Go Back To School Episode! with Conscious Education Coach, Auria WIllow

Auria Willow, Conscious Education Coach and Education Leader of Self-Aware Learning for Neurodiverse Homeschooling, schools Greg about not schooling.

For those brought up in traditional education, this episode will shake you up!

In this highly illuminating conversation. Auria discusses a completely different approach to contemporary education that not only teaches kids how to better utilize their unique cognitive wiring, emotions, and gifts, but also raises up all of our society to achieve greatness in ways never dreamed of before…

Just remember all this when you pick up that new three-ring-binder at Staples.

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Tenet Is Real?: Interview With “Back”, The Time Travel Soldier

Christopher Nolan’s last full-length feature film was about soldiers traveling backwards and forwards in time to engage in battle. It was one of the most cinematically engaging films and mind-bending portrayals of “temporal war” ever depicted on screen.

In this special episode, “Back” (Read: ALIAS) shares his story of how he accidentally slipped forward into the future and didn’t realize he was signing up to become a lifelong soldier in the temporal battle that’s been going on for centuries.

The difference between Back’s story versus Christopher Nolan’s?

Back’s is real.

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Quantum Health with the Mayor of Soultopia featuring Transformational Coach Leigh White

Leigh White, Transformational Coach, Writer, Speaker, and Quantum Healing Expert, joins Greg to discuss using quantum metaphysics to overcome tragedy, as well as help you shift into your ideal-inspired life!

Take a trip to Soultopia.

It’s a quick journey when you know where to look.

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Infinite Tarot, Infinite You: Where Psychic Arts Meets The Multiverse with Reverend Don Lewis

Reverend Don Lewis (Psychic and Tarotologist with 40 years experience, as well as the Co-Founder and Chairman of Witch School, the world’s largest school of Witchcraft and Metaphysics) joins Greg to talk about his views on practicing magick in 2021, what happens when you jump timelines in everyday life, as well as the his latest project, The Infinite Tarot, where “Rick and Morty” meets the psychic arts..

Trust us. It’ll all make sense soon.

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Shut the #$%! Up About Your Spirituality with Host of The Esoteric Negro, Marcé Butler

Marcé Butler, Host and Creator of the Podcast “The Esoteric Negro” (a show that aims to give voice to BIPOC that exist outside of conventional wisdom and mainstream culture) joins Greg to school us all about what most spiritual gurus and “woo woo” fans are forgetting: the problems of REAL HUMANS. In this provocative conversation with Greg, she does everything from rip the carpet out from “financial abundance” Law of Attraction nonsense to exposes the hypocrisies of Spiritual Influencers.

And she even hits on one of Greg’s favorite topics: the ever-fascinating field of “spirituality in Los Angeles.”

You’ll love the honesty. You’ll love the challenging viewpoints.

You’re lose your ego-mind because once Marcé’s done talking, you won’t have any other choice.

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The Skillful Art of Life Pivoting…While Dangling from a Ribbon with Theatrical Aerial Designer and Circus Trainer Bobby Hedglin-Taylor

Bobby Hedglin-Taylor, known as the “Multi-Hyphenated Artist,” joins Greg to discuss his journey as an actor, aerialist, circus trainer, comedian, writer, choreographer, and how a recent confrontation with his own physical limitations has him soaring through life’s heights in ways never possible before. It’s a wonderfully HONEST breakdown of what happens behind-the-scenes of show business life, mixed with jokes, impressions, circus drama, the truth behind why Spiderman the Musical bombed, a raw critique of the Cirque commercial empire, and shocking information about reality television (you’ll never watch The Bachelor the same way again…but also, why are you still watching The Bachelor?). Bobby does not need a tightrope to entertain you. Take a listen and you’ll hear for yourself!

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Living In The Dome: Montauk, Monkey People, and Evil Dictator Baby Clones in Diapers with Man from the Year 10,000,000,002,021 Mark Jaycox



WARNING….it’s another one of the most bizarre episodes Greg has ever released.

Mark Jaycox, the man the Montauk Project split in half throughout time, returns to Open Loops so that Greg can delve deeper into his worldview, as well as his serious warning for all of us.

We’re a projection from inside the Dome on the moon.

Many questions are asked, including:

Are we all idiots because we measure time incorrectly?

What happened to that little girl in the forest back in 2009 whose jacket is the only thing remaining in the woods?

Why did green cubes shoot out of Mark’s face?

Go ahead, put on some trance music, and listen to this conversation. Or just start listening, because you’ll trance out naturally anyways.

It will not make sense. And perhaps, in an episode that’s somewhere between guided hallucination, hypnosis, and performance art, that’s exactly how it should go.

Mark Jaycox will alter your state permanently, widening your existence forever, as you listen and easily soak up every word.

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Dream Responsibly: Simple Keys to a Life of Awesome with Saul Blinkoff, Hollywood Filmmaker and Animator

Saul Blinkoff, Hollywood filmmaker and animator, who has worked at Disney, Netflix, Dreamworks, was an animator for Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mulan and Tarzan, and now hosts the weekly inspirational podcast, “Life of AWESOME!” joins Greg to for a pure geek-out session on all things Walt and all things commercially fantastical (with a lot of insider secrets breaking down the magic behind The Mouse). They talk theme parks, successful storytelling in animation, what made the new Star Wars trilogy work, the “controversial” things animators hid in your favorite childhood classics, and what it really takes to live a sustainably awesome life…always maintaining the wonder.

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Thoth the Scribe SPEAKS! with Guy Dazin

Guy Dazin, multi-disciplinary art teacher, philosopher and host of Thoth the Scribe Podcast, joins Greg to discuss breaking through the walls of inauthentic communication, the ritual purpose of podcasting, how to live a great life, how he became the most mind-blowing art educator in the land of Israel and how wisdom is the fuel that powers us all…

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The Authentic Akashic: Raw and Uncensored with Jillie Maria, Transformational Catalyst

She’s not neutral but golly, she has a gift. Get ready for controversy! Jillie Maria, Akashic Records & Sacred Soul Alignments Practitioner, Medium, Intuitive, and Healer, joins Greg to talk about why she gets banned on Facebook, accessing the Akashic Records for rapid transformational shifts, how spirituality and politics just don’t mix, and how calling out BS and keeping things raw helps us all wake up spiritually…

And she even accesses the Records for Greg to give him a reading!

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