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Lucifer Doesn’t Need X-Ray Glasses: Ingo Swann and the Accurate History of Remote Viewing with Operational Remote Viewer, David Powell

Did you know the US Government paid lots and lots of money to study psychic powers for military means?

Did you know they’re probably still using their newfound abilities today but just aren’t saying anything?

David Powell studies and trains with Paul H. Smith at Remote Viewing Instructional Services. Paul was an original member of the Stargate Program and taught other members of that “psychic spy” program, such as Lyn Buchanan and David Morehouse.

David strips away the BS and reveals:

– The true history of remote viewing versus the myths

– How does David do it today professionally? Does anyone else in the government for that matter?

– Do we all have the ability to remote view?

AND: What happens when you remote view Satan?

Quit staring at this – take a listen!

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A Casual Stroll ‘Cross Your Golden Bridge of Consciousness with Katja Matosevic, Transformational Mindset Strategist

Katja Matosevic is Italy’s “Wonder Woman of the Mind.”

That’s what Greg’s calling her anyways. ‘Cause she practices EVERYTHING.

Katja’s a Certified Life & Mental Coach, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, EFT & TFT Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master, and Master of Energetic Techniques such as Karuna Qi, Quantum Reiki, Angelic Rays and Shamanic Medicine.

How does it all fit together?

She joins Greg to discuss this, starting with how she healed her fibromyalgia using her own mind and how this catapulted her into created her new healing process, “The Golden Bridge.” You’ll learn how by connecting the subconscious mind to the Higher Mind of your soul, you can finally achieve personal mastery. Or even just conquer your fear of crossing bridges. Whichever comes first!

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Episode CLXXII Return of Djedi: The Ancient Secret Orders with Researcher Stophe

Everything about history they DON’T want you to know….

One of the most mind-blowing episodes yet!

Researcher Stophe, notorious Clubhouse speaker and presenter on all things ancient history, spiritual growth & development and philosophy, joins Greg to discuss how the Jedi were real, as well as hidden sacred scrolls, forbidden tablets, ancient traditions, secret societies, and all the world history they’re hiding from you!

You’ll never look at things the same way again…

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The Entire Akashic Records: Now Available on Kindle with Soul Blueprint Aligner Julia Wesley

Julia Wesley, Spiritual Teacher, Soul Blueprint Aligner, and Akashic Records reader, joins Greg to discuss what some refer to as the greatest living library of all, the library of our collective souls’ knowledge.

It’s the Akashic Records, as popularized by Edgar Cayce, and Julia shares with Greg how she received her “library card” so she can access these teachings for her clients, as well as her interactions with Guardians of this universal, intergalactic Knowledge, and she tops it off with how your Soul’s Blueprint is closer to you than you think (and you don’t even need to remember how to do the Dewey Decimal system to connect to it!).

Where bookworms meet the Divine. It’s an all-out nerd-fest for the spiritual on this episode of Open Loops!

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Crystal Cojones: The Return of Nostradamus? with Astropsychologist and Celebrity Astrologer Dr. Turi

Gabby Petito, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, Covid….Dr. Turi claims he predicted them all.

And if Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and David Icke trust his counsel….well?

Sound like the best season of VH1’s The Surreal Life ever? Or Greg’s dream bachelor party guest list?

Either way, he wanted to be included in that group and Dr. Turi more than delivers the goods!

Listen in as Dr. Turi predicts world events for the months of November and December, as well as next year, the next five years, and even the events of the next 50!

Like the great prophet Nostradamus, Dr. Turi was born and raised in Provence, France. He is a world-famous UFO contactee, cancer survivor and Clinical Hypnotherapist, as well as a captivating speaker, author of many books and his profound Cosmic Wisdom continues to astonish skeptics and believers alike.

How accurate is the prophecy of the Draco? Listen in to find out….

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Self Love Hamilton with Life Mastery Coach Jonathan Troen

Yes Broadway fans. You don’t have to wait in line at the lottery. You don’t have to pay $150 for an obstructed view. You don’t even have to subscribe to Disney Plus and cancel it a week later.

If Lin-Manuel and Tony Robbins had a child, it’d be today’s guest. (No need to think about the logistics).

Jonathan Troen, Life Mastery Coach, Mindfulness Teacher and Self Love Mentor, tells the story that led to the revolution inside of himself that he needed to get from self-sabotage to self-compassion.

Jonathan spent 20 years in the entertainment business, reaching the height of heights. But he still wasn’t happy. He discovered many others weren’t happy when they “had it all,” either. And he set himself on a mission to find out why.

And now he’s helping people all over the world find joy inside themselves.

It’s the Self Love Revolution. And Jonathan’s the founder.

Best part is, there’s no attempts at excessive rhyming in this episode… So that’s something to really love.

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Strippers, Twin Flames, and Manifesting Your Life Partner with Ella Ayana, The Love Magnet

Do you believe in true love? Do you believe in soul-mates? Do you believe….in strippers?

Ella Ayana, former adult dancer, twin flame enthusiast, and spiritually attuned “Love Magnet” works with people to magnetize their life partner to them in 6 months or less or their money back.

By the end of this episode, you’ll believe in strippers, too.

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#VanAfterLife with Psychic Medium Melissa Divine

Melissa Divine, Psychic Medium and Van-Traveling Spirit “Networker”, joins Greg to talk about how she became conscious of her innate abilities to connect to those who have passed over, while stripping away some commonly-held beliefs about the nature of mediumship, including her extremely hot take: “ghosts don’t exist!”

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AlterCon 2021 Keynote Interview: Dr. Richard Alan Miller & The Real-Life X-Files of Consciousness

Leading up to Halloween, Open Loops is going all the way down the rabbit hole of hypnosis, trance, and NLP.

It’s a tribute to altered states of consciousness!

It’s AlterCon 2021: Trance Yourself To Thrive. Consider this episode the keynote address.

Dr. Richard Alan Miller has dedicated his life to exploring altered states of consciousness and all things paranormal. He’s a polymath physicist, meta-physicist, agriculturalist, and the inspiration for Fox Mulder on “The X-Files.”

In some ways, his real-life adventures around the world have been even weirder.

He did LSD with Timothy Leary, he’s been to Antarctica’s secret underground base, he’s met the real-life “Don Juan” from Carlos Castaneda’s works, he invented an artificial intelligence prototype in the 70s and he’s a Mensa-level genius.

This episode itself is one of the most profound trance experiences Greg has ever had. You will go into an altered state listening, but that’s by design. Doc Ram is taking you there deliberately and it’s simply unforgettable.

Ready for mind-blowing moment after mind-blowing moment? You aren’t.

And that’s why this episode is one of the best Open Loops has ever put out….

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AlterCon 2021: Trance Yourself to Thrive Part Three – Anne Jirsch, Future Life Facilitator

Leading up to Halloween, Open Loops is going all the way down the rabbit hole of hypnosis, trance, and NLP.

It’s a tribute to altered states of consciousness!

AlterCon 2021: Trance Yourself To Thrive continues in Part Three with Anne Jirsch, London-born Psychic and the lady behind Future Life Progression.

In this episode, we hear her full story about how she gained clairvoyance and took her ability to see the future to the realm of hypnosis. And the best part is, she now spends most of her time today teaching others how to do it!

Sure, past life regression is great. But there’s a reason you prefer The Jetsons over the Flintstones….

It’s Part Three: “Future Life Progression: The Art of Hypnotic Clairvoyance”

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