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The Tao of Body Worship with Holistic Health Coach Meghan Jones

Greg wanted to see if it was possible to have a mind-blowing conversation with a fitness and nutritional coach. Meghan Jones more than delivers.
How about a world where health discipline isn’t so “disciplined”?

Ease, peace, presence, chocolate pudding.

And the body of your dreams.

It’s all possible. Listen to Meghan. You won’t regret it.

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Time Slips and Anomalies Part Two: Tock Tick with Time Anomaly Research Society’s Lewis Michael Rhinehart

In Part Two, Lewis Michael Rhinehart, UFOlogist, researcher, writer, and founder of The Time Anomaly Research Society continues his discussion about Mrs. K, sharing other historical examples of people slipping into alternative timelines, as well as bringing to the table real-life examples of timeline shifts, missing time, objects/humans stuck in time-space limbo, past life regressions, time perception strangeness.

We call Lewis “Mr. Anomaly” for a reason….

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Time Slips and Anomalies Part One: “Special” Mrs. K with Time Anomaly Research Society’s Lewis Michael Rhinehart

Lewis Michael Rhinehart, UFOlogist, researcher, writer, and founder of The Time Anomaly Research Society joins Greg to share the craziest story about time slips and parallel universes he could possibly could….

And this is just Part One.

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TELL-ALL INTERVIEW with the REAL Mother Nature: Syncretism, Divinity Detox, and Finding the Fountain of Youth with Melissa Divinity

Melissa Irene Divinity joins Greg to discuss Earth’s medicinal properties that aren’t JUST psychotropic. This episode has it all: actionable advice so that you can look and feel younger, exploration of the Divine Feminine/Wounded Masculine, a journey into Sun spirituality and astrology (syncretism), and children’s books about the sacred! Detox yourself divinely. It can save your life!

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Opting Out of 3D Victimhood? Just Hit Unsubscribe with Black Swan Sibyl

Greg is joined by Black Swan Sibyl, an intuitive empath, medium, and channel for spirit, to talk about her journey out of cult thinking, trauma, and “mental illness” towards becoming a public messenger for higher Consciousness. And just what does that name mean exactly?

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Music, Moolah, Melania & Michael Jackson’s Monkey: More Forbidden Truths with Entertainment Mogul, Steven Machat

Entertainment Mogul Steven Machat (he’s worked with ELO, Whitney Houston, and Tina Turner…just to name a few) returns to Open Loops to spread more of his gospel truth about how everything we know about everything is….a lie? You’ll learn why we were invented by space invaders, the real story behind Melania Trump, what they’re actually doing over there in Syria, why the 7 days of the week are named that way and how understanding that can help you find your life’s purpose, as well as the greatest story about Michael Jackson’s monkey Bubbles ever told…

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Tales of a Heart-Centered Exorcist with Demonologist of the Advent International Order of Exorcists, Timothy Earl

Demonologist for Advent International Order of Exorcists Timothy Earl joins Greg to discuss what life as an exorcist is really like compared to Hollywood (it’s scarier), the 5 stages of demonic possession, what footage of true evil he’s seen captured on video, and why Timothy gets into arguments with clergy sometimes…just for fun.

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Humans of New York: Secret Government Remote Viewing Project Edition ft. Man with Chronovision, Eric Carthage

Do you believe Eric Carthage? This New Yorker claims he has Chronovision, the ability to see and experience all timelines. He’s also a time travel investigator. He also may or may not be telling the truth. He also doesn’t care. In one of the strangest episodes yet, Greg tries to understand the viewpoint, the psyche, the claims, and most importantly, the truth behind Eric Carthage, “secret government remote viewer.”

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The Great Pyramid Is a Water Pump: Steven Myers Roasts Egyptology

Steven Myers, Author and Founder of The Pharaoh’s Pump Foundation, joins Greg to share his theory on why the Great Pyramid was almost certainly a water pump but more importantly, takes on the entire field of Egyptology one punchline after another….

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It’s Not Aliens, Worse, It’s Us: Discovering Our Lost History with Jared Murphy

Researcher, Podcaster, and Author of “IT’S NOT ALIENS, WORSE, IT’S US: Discovering Our Lost History” Jared Murphy joins Greg to discuss out-of-place artifacts, strong evidence that there were advanced civilizations on Earth way before mainstream “academics” claim there were, and way-too-many examples of h ancient anomalies to even summarize in this description…

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