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Timeshares for Chrononauts: Quantum Slips, Stacked Time Theory, and a Free 4D Travel Voucher* with Esoteric Expert Mike Ricksecker

It’s Fall here at Open Loops!

The leaves are changing color soon, and so are the MRI scans to mark seasonal depression…

Who needs to march ahead when you might be able to slip backwards like the born-to-be natural chrononaut you are.

Did you know you’re a time traveler? The ancients did. Mike Ricksecker, Author, Researcher, and Filmmaker, has written a new book called “Travels Through Time: Inside the Fourth Dimension, Time Travel, and Stacked Time Theory” and he joins Greg on this episode to prove his case.

You’ll hear about UFOs, time machines, evidence of back travelers, and how a Flux Capacitor can’t even fix Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

Mike provides a perspective on Time and nature of realtiy that’ll rock your fabric of space and “out-of-control pocket-watches ticking simultaneously” graphics.

This is a great one. Enjoy!

*voucher available upon discovery of real working time machine at your house. See, these timeshares are always scams. Get it?

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Tripping, Fast and Grow: Sacred Medicine and the NeuroPsychedelic with Healer, Author, and Trainer Jess Marion


Is that not the ultimate trance word? Where does it take your mind? Or where outside of it does it take you?……maaaaaaaannnnnnn.

Get ready to join an enlightening exploration of the realm of psychedelics and their potential for transformative healing. Greg’s guest, Jess Marion, a highly skilled hypnotherapist, coach, and NLP master practitioner, shares her remarkable journey into sacred medicine, her understanding of neuroscience, and how her approach to coaching and transformation has evolved over the years. You will discover how psychedelics have bridged the gaps that hypnosis, meditation, yoga, and tai chi were unable to fill for Jess, influencing her coaching methods in powerful ways.

As you continue your journey, Jess offers insights into the world of psychedelic healing. They discuss the classifications of psychedelics, how they affect the brain, and the intriguing commonalities behind the visions they induce. You’ll hear about the importance of set and setting when embarking on a psychedelic journey, the potential risks, and the small minority of people who should avoid these substances. You’ll also get an inside look at the mysteries and myths surrounding the brewing of ayahuasca and LSD.

Jess also touches on the intersection of spirituality and therapy, exploring how psychedelics can be a tool for self-discovery and spiritual awakening. We delve into the concept of readiness when it comes to psychedelics, the importance of meditation practice, and the intriguing possibility of developing psychic abilities.

Maaaaaan…this episode sounds intriguing like an early 60s Timothy Leary college flyer.

Or maybe more like a late 60s Timothy Leary college course?

Turn on, tune in, and drop down even deeper…..

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Trancing, Fast and Slow: Neuroscientific Hypnosis and the Psychotropic Metaphor with Master Hypnotist, Author, and NLP Trainer Jess Marion

Journey with Greg to the insights of esteemed hypnotist, coach, teacher, healer, Sacred Medicine Practitioner, and NLP and HNLP Maestro, Jess Marion. Picture yourself stepping into the realm of storytelling, intricately woven narratives, and the transformative potential of hypnosis.

As your guide, Jess, paints a vivid scene, you can perceive your brain akin to an eager audience, naturally receptive to stories. These tales are not just stories, they’re vessels carrying ideas, subtly reshaping your experiences and subtly demonstrating perspectives you hadn’t considered before.

In this realm, you’ll stumble upon nested loops, a fascinating technique reminiscent of Russian dolls. Story within story, each loop is like a path leading you further into a captivating narrative landscape, a unique kind of maze designed to foster unconscious rapport and a sense of linguistic intrigue that stirs your intellect.

At this point, you may find yourself recalling an old tale, perhaps one told by your grandmother, where one narrative seamlessly cascades into another. Isn’t it fascinating how similar this is to exploring the ethics of hypnosis? The focus is on the delicate balance between suggestion and your commitment. You can almost hear the city’s hustle and bustle, a backdrop that served as Jess’s training ground, where she fine-tuned her skills in the midst of urban chaos.

As you navigate this narrative labyrinth, imagine yourself stepping into an enigmatic room filled with the mystique of Rasputin. Jess unravels her own experience of channeling him, a tale that engrosses you and underscores the intricate dance between your conscious and unconscious mind.

You soon find yourself at a thought-provoking crossroad where hypnosis meets mysticism. Jess, like a trusted guide, shares her insights on hypnosis’s potential to mirror a psychedelic journey, but without any substances involved. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Continuing this winding path, neuroscience appears on the horizon, its metaphors serving as lighthouses illuminating the complex terrain of your unconscious and super-conscious mind.

As this enlightening conversation winds down, you find yourself back where you started, at the entrance of the narrative labyrinth. Just like a skilled hypnotist bridging conscious states, you’ve embarked on a journey through a maze of stories and ideas, discovering the transformative potential of hypnosis. By stepping into this intricate dance of narratives, you uncover a deeper understanding of the vast capabilities of your own mind.

“There’s no such thing as hypnosis. Everything is hypnosis.”

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AN OPEN LOOPS CLASSIC: The “Florida Man” Episode with UFO Abductee, LSD Psychonaut, and Past Lives Journeyman Robert Emerson

UFOS. In honor of all the UFO hearings, here’s one of Greg’s first encounters with UFOs on his show. The answers from the government are even vaguer now then they were then! How far we’ve all come.

Ah, yes. Robert Emerson has been hypnotizing people to get in touch with their past lives for over forty years.
And he casually was abducted by aliens. 
This episode is an intergalactic head trip that ranges from regular sightings of Flying Saucers in Middleton, Massachusetts to embodying the spirit of deceased Nubian Princesses.
All within the span of five minutes. 
And did this guest tell Greg if he’s bad-intentioned and and fails to come from heart-consciousness with his podcast he just might get a whoopin’?

You should listen to this because just by the fact that you are listening, Robert will get you in touch with your spirit guides.

He might smack Greg, too.

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Perfect Pink Possessed Plastic with Haunted Historian Stephanie Bingham

Huddle close, dear listeners, as we journey through the uncanny world of haunted dolls, possessed artifacts, and paranormal phenomena with our esteemed guest, the renowned paranormal investigator, Stephanie Bingham. Ever wanted to understand the intricate link between spirits and inanimate objects? Or why some toys are seemingly more prone to hauntings than others?

Does that mean that Toy Story is basically just a sequel to Chucky?!?

Also…who’s more demonic, Barbie or Ken?

Bingham, armed with extensive research and personal experiences, unearths these chilling connections and shares unforgettable tales stretching from ancient Egypt to modern hauntings like the infamous Annabelle doll.

(0:00:13) – Haunted Dolls and Possessed Objects
(0:05:43) – Annabelle and Haunted Dolls
(0:20:24) – Haunted Objects and Their Stories
(0:29:57) – Haunted Toys, Ghost Tours, Hollywood Hauntings
(0:38:19) – Paranormal Phenomena and Haunted Objects
(0:51:22) – Haunted Objects and Paranormal Caution
(0:58:53) – Hauntings and Cursed Objects
(1:15:06) – Exploring Haunted Dolls and Modern Vampirism
(1:24:53) – Establishing Boundaries With Entities

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Our Elegant Telepathic EXTRA-AF-Dimensional Universe: Alien Lies, ET Truths, And Why Free Lunch Always Beats Free Energy with Author/Investigative Researcher George LoBuono

This week on Open Loops, we return with an episode exploring your sacral chakra.

Just kidding. You can shove that episode premise up your sacral… because we’re bringing in a bigwig investigative researcher who’s been experiencing telepathic communication with ETs since the mid-90s. Peak Simpsons era, right before they started objectifying talented female singers in the Mickey Mouse Club. You know, the good times?

Ever since George LuoBono has communicated with ETs, he’s gained a multidimensional understanding of our mind, consciousness, the Universe, secret government alien programs, and even worked out an update to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity that accounts for non-human intelligence all the way to the far edges of the cosmos.

He joins Greg to discuss why the aliens who crashed at Roswell, and in any flying saucer for that matter, are NOT our friends (more like frenemies). He talks about Dark Matter and its relationship to consciousness. He discusses the exotic beauty of Red Dwarf Extraterrestrials unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

And they talk about Love a Dub Dub. Because love is all you need. But George’s perspective on hyperdimensional energy will let that sink in even more naturally than you’ve experienced before…

It’s not the alien whistleblower response episode you wanted… it’s even fringier. Shamelessly fringe, perhaps. And perhaps… it’s an all-new OPEN LOOPS

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Thrills, Fills, and Free Will Chill Pills: Human Design & The Human Spirit with Magnetic Goddess and Spiritual Mentor AmyLee Westervelt

Brace yourself. It’s been a crazy two weeks of ET Disclosure. David Grusch, a former midranking civilian intelligence officer and Air Force veteran, has come forward publicly to share his knowledge of extraterrestrial contact and secret black ops government programs reverse-engineering advanced technology from crashed fvlying saucers.

Also, Dr. Steven Greer held his UAP/UFO/ET Disclosure National Press Club event where several whistleblowers came forward about the reality of the black ops UFO programs, underground military facilities, and abuse suffered by false simulations of abductions from anti-gravity craft the military possesses.

Greg has to talk about this in this episode, right?!?! RIGHT?!?!

Nah. The ETs made him sign a gag order.

Because in this episode, Greg’s guest is dealing with a far more pertinent issue: you. Do you think the government is keeping you in the dark? Do you think evil extraterrestrials are out there running the world and that’s why you can’t afford to travel the world? Do you hate your life? Are you a little crybaby? Are you?

Oh, you are?

In this episode, Greg’s guest is addressing a far more pressing matter: you. Do you feel like you’re being kept in the dark by the government? Do you believe malevolent extraterrestrials are controlling the world, preventing you from globe-trotting? Do you despise your life? Are you being a big baby about it?

Oh, you are?

Well, that’s just a little heart-wrenching…

Anyways: Greg’s guest this week, AmyLee Westervelt, mystic, mentor, a practitioner in all things hypnosis, NLP, and Human Design pulls no punches in this episode where she discusses the profound connection between free will and the collective consciousness, the secrets of alchemy, glamour, manifestation, and the difference between how you can live from your human self versus from your higher self.

She even gives you practical steps to living a fulfilled life of infinite riches and nonstop thrills.

You’ll learn about the connection between belief, oppression, and sovereignty, as well as the power of Human Design and how it can be used as a diagnostic tool. Greg and AmyLee ponder the ideas of memory revision, rational mysticism, and Neville Goddard’s teachings.

And for those that wanna know the connection between all these topics and ETs……you’re not gonna get it in this one. But we told you that already. (Greg’s on it for future episodes, don’t worry.)

AmyLee has pledged a mind-shattering transmission that will trigger a spiritual activation as you listen. So, settle down, take a deep breath, and absorb it all. This Open Loops experience is one you won’t easily forget!

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Generative AI-Aye-Aye: The End of Success and the Rise of Making Sense with Agent of Change James Tripp

You may have noticed there’s a gold rush of AI opportunities. Instant video creation, real-time art generation, copywriting without human touch. ChatGPT, MidJourney, OpenAI, Bard, and even Microsoft Bing (no one saw that one coming) are the future of work, art, and life. Why? Because they are the cutting edge of the Singularity.

That’s right. We’re talkin’ AI.

In this very special extended episode of Open Loops, Master Hypnotist and Agent of Change James Tripp returns to discuss the evolution of humanity’s consciousness as it gets outpaced by the never-ending revolution of artificial intelligence.

Bottom-line, there’s a gold rush.

But remember, if gold suddenly shows up everywhere as a resource…what’s it actually worth?

James told Greg he had thoughts on this very topic TOO CONTROVERSIAL for his audience.

….But not for this show!

And when he brings the Frankfurt School, universal income, and fall of SUCCESS for entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches and hypnotherapists…let’s just say there’s nothing held back in the mind-bending conversation about the AI overwhelm in abundance of 2023.

They cover:
(0:00:13) – Artificial Intelligence and Creativity
(0:14:57) – The Challenges of Authentic Coaching
(0:22:41) – Hypnosis and Chat GPT Temptation
(0:26:22) – Making Money With Shiny Object Side Hustles
(0:39:58) – Finding Fulfillment Outside of Societal Expectations
(0:55:00) – The Bleak Future With AI
(1:07:54) – Creativity and Self-Development
(1:13:49) – Myths of Decision-Making and Worthiness
(1:26:50) – Psychotherapy and the Power of Belief
(1:30:31) – Neurolinguistics and Language Intelligence
(1:47:28) – Exploring the Limits of AI Modeling
(2:01:30) – The Importance of Generative Communication
(2:13:21) – Organizing Information With Zettelkasten and Your Second Brain
(2:22:44) – Criticism, Creativity, and AI Plagiarism

It’s a long episode, but we’re pretty sure some bot already replaced you at your day job anyways, so you’ve got the time for this audio journey like none other….it’s Open Loops.

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Magick Without The Womp Womp with Thelemic Occultist Marco Visconti

Mommy and Daddy tried to prevent you from sneaking into the R-rated area of the new age shop….not in this episode.

Dive in to the spellbinding realm of occult and Thelemic magick with Marco Visconti, an expert guide in the esoteric field, in this enlightening episode of Open Loops. Greg and Marco delve deep into the enigmatic world of Aleister Crowley’s Thelema, a magical philosophy that’s as dynamic as the technology we use today, and explore its intricate ties with the universe we inhabit.

And yes, there’s sex magick.

Listen in as they unpack the importance of personal practice in truly mastering the craft of magic. From discussing the intriguing role of sex in magickal practice (calm down over there) to its untapped healing potential, they leave no stone unturned. They also venture into the realm of the magician’s toolkit, examining everything from sacred geometry to the mystical scrying mirrors. Learn how these tools can transform you into a spiritual radio transmitter (oh baby, you turn me on like the radio), opening doors to dimensions beyond your everyday reality.

From the complexities of practicing magick in a modern setting to the potential impact of dark magick on world events (Harry Putin and Sorcerer’s Stone?), Marco brings to light the clandestine corners of the occult world.

Tune in, uncover the hidden truths, and prepare to see reality in a whole new light.

Welcome to the grimoire adult section. 

Marco’s Website:

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