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Sacred Truth Bombs of Ancient Egypt: An Audio Tour with Egyptologist/Hieroglyphics Expert Mohamad Ibraham

Have you ever felt the sands of time slipping through your fingers, whispering secrets of a bygone era?

You might not want to tell anyone out-loud. Keep the little rock whispers to yourself.

Join Greg on a journey back in time as he unravels the enigmatic world of ancient Egypt with Mohamad Ibraham, a historian, scholar, and tour guide from the historical city of Memphis, Egypt. Listen in as Mohamad shares his intimate connection with Egypt’s past, his evolution from a conventional Egyptologist to an alternative source of wisdom, and his collaborations with various scientific experts. They explore the philosophical underpinnings and spiritual dimensions that have shrouded this ancient civilization in mysteries like:

-The existence and secrets of Stargates in ancient Egypt (better than TSA pre-check)
-The possible roles of the pyramids of Giza as ancient energy conductors
-The ancient Egyptian concept of the five cycles of civilization and the significance of 2012
-Gravity control, Sounds, Magnetism, Cats
-Aliens, duh!!

The magic of the Egyptians cannot be understated. Why else would they keep showing stock footage of pyramids on Gaia?

This is a tour you will not want to miss.

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This Episode Is A PSYOP: How to Deprogram a Conspiracy Theorist with Antonio Perez

Want to learn top-secret classified Illuminati MK-Ultra Mind Control Secrets to turn your Qanon-believing aunt into Bill Nye the Science Guy?*

Former conspiracy theorist turned Certified Hypnotist and Life Coach Antonio Perez joins to Greg to talk about his journey “escaping the rabbit role.” This episode has it all: jokes, gossip, hypnosis techniques, run-ins with Alex Jones, exposing the lies behind Huna (ie. juicy goss), and for sure, at least three book plugs (but you should get the book…it’s actually pretty sweet).

Learn how the power of influence, persuasion, and cognitive dissonance creates some wildly questionable ways of thinking about our world in the minds of the sheeple who think everyone else is sheeple.

It’s the episode the New World Order is oddly okay with you hearing!

*If you were triggered because your auntie already resembles Bill Nye the Science Guy, our sincere apologies. That was merely coincidence… or was it.

(11:35) – Conspiracy Theories and Hypnosis
(25:40) – Beliefs, Alex Jones, and AI
(38:21) – Conspiracies, Vaccines, and Narcissism
(42:27) – Government Secrets and Conspiracy Theories’ Simplified Title
(47:45) – 9/11 Conspiracies and Epstein’s Death
(53:38) – Debating Conspiracy Theories
(58:37) – Logical Fallacies and Influence Techniques Discussion
(01:06:29) – Exploring Conspiracy Theories and Challenging Beliefs

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The Man on the Moon Takes Ozempic: ETs and Hollow Lunar Landings with Author Rob Shelsky

No guest on Open Loops can say definitively what’s happening with UFOs, extraterrestrial contact, or even the freakin’ moon.

Two episodes ago, we had someone telling us that the moon was essentially a directed energy weapon of the depths of hell that Neil Armstrong filmed a good TikTok on once.

We’ve heard it all on this show. We’ve never been there, it was a film set, the moon is a starship, it’s not actually “Goodnight Moon,” it’s “Good Morning” but the old lady in the chair has been isolated for 14 years and has no tangible grasp on reality,

We’ve heard all the contradictions. We’ve heard all the crackpot theories. But now it’s 2024….the year of true “Alien Disclosure” (supposedly).

…so Greg’s gung ho on going to go get himself even confused by whatever the #$#@! that thing is in the night sky.

On this episode, Greg welcomes prolific researcher and author Rob Shelsky to take on all things anomalous in outer space. He guides us through the eerie terrains of enigmas like the Hollow Moon theory and the Mandela Effect. As we traverse these shadowy topics, we delve into Rob’s own spine-chilling encounters from Down Under—experiences that ignited his quest for the truth amidst the world’s most perplexing mysteries including:

-The Alien Agenda and UFO Evidence
-The Moon UFO Cover-Ups
-Time Travel, Hoaxes, and Hidden Bases
– Unusual Claims About Extraterrestrial Activity
– Moon Landings and Secret Space Programs
– Shadow People and Evidence

Sure, it’s a list shorter than Jeffrey’s, but it’s still intriguing! Get ready for an episode that’ll blow your mind into little moon rocks that you can probably get a few bucks for at a Tampa flea market. It’s Open Loops.

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Same Old, Lang Auld: What the Eff Was 2023?!

In fifteen minutes, Greg reflects on his year and walks away with a revelation you’ll never forget.

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The Saturn Moon Matrix with Omar Paugh of WatchersTalk

Omar Paugh, host and creator of the very popular YouTube channel “WatchersTalk,” is no stranger to Open Loops. Previously: he’s revealed the history of the Illuminati, he’s dropped a radical theory of consciousness on Greg while simultaneously sweating rainbows (literally), and now, in this very special deep dive episode, Omar does the unbelievable:

In full detail, you will finally confront the truth about your existence on this planet. A matrix worse than the 4th Matrix.

Saturn, The Moon, A Projection of You.

Get ready for an unforgettable shattering of your reality, while syncing into the ins and outs of our spiritual war.

Also, Greg’s manhood is confronted. And that’s always fun.

It’s an all new, all mind-bending, all out freak show.

Sweating Skittles just thinkin’ about it! It’s Open Loops….

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1.21 Gigawhaaat?: The Time Travel Device In My House with Aage Nost

We’re so grateful you’re here for our return guest…Aage Nost!

He’s the co-host of Broadcast Team Alpha, originally came from a farm in Norway, moved to the USA at 25 to pursue his dream of becoming a Professional Pilot. He achieved this dream, co-owning a Flight School, Air Taxi, and Air Carrier. Post-retirement, Aage delved into the mysteries of the mind, teaching the Zoxpro Mind Development course, practicing hypnosis, and writing several books and hosting a TV show for 6 years.

He teaches classes on Self Hypnosis, Meditation, Psychic Abilities, Astral Travel, and Universal Success Principles.

Today’s class (and class is now in session students, so pay close attention) is about a gizmo that Agge’s had for many, many year. A device created by a little-known inventor named Steven Gibbs. A device, that when properly activated, allows you to travel through other dimensions of time.

The legends of Steven Gibb’s Time Travel devices, their origins, their potential, and what it means for the understanding of our own abilities to do “supernatural” acts, without even needing a machine to help us….

(But to whomever is writing these show descriptions: this ain’t anything special. I think you need more machine help…Maybe think about using ChatGPT once in while?)

Episode best listened at 88mph….it’s Open Loops.

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Fifty Shades of Greys with Mr. Grey, Extraterrestrial Experiencer

Some call him Yan, some call him Mr. Grey. Some don’t call him at all. It’s much easier to sneak into his window at night, freeze time and space, bring him onto their craft and communicate telepathically than it is to leave a voicemail apparently….

Mr. Grey is an E.T. Experiencer, as well as host and producer of the YouTube channel “Experiencer Interviews.”

He’s been an Experiencer since the age of 3 years old and then things really ramped up after college. From visions to Angels, as well as unexplainably accurate psychic predictions (and remote viewing and communications with the afterlife and a slew of other anomalous phenomena…..geez, can’t this guy just have a normal night out at Applebee’s?!), Yan believes it is his mission to tell his story as well as share the stories of others to normalize these experiences in the public sphere.

He joins Greg to discuss:
(00:13) – Experiences With ETs
(15:06) – Exploring Psychic Experiences and ET Connections
(26:13) – The Complex Perspectives on the Greys
(38:07) – Shadow Beings and Paranormal Experiences
(53:47) – Abductions and Missing Fetuses
(57:35) – UFOs and Screen Images
(01:07:02) – Overcoming Fear and Changing UFO Beliefs
(01:14:36) – Debating the Benevolence of Extraterrestrials
(01:21:54) – UFO Sightings and Fear of Repercussions
(01:28:17) – Controversy and the Alien Hybrid Program

So yes, while the title of this episode doesn’t have much to do with Mormon erotica spin-offs from teenage vampire fiction, there still might be probes involved. Trick or trea–OUCH!

…it’s Open Loops!

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Here’s The Point: A Moment of Clarity?

Did Greg finally organize his thoughts?
Some call him the Oracle of Overthink…most don’t.
Listen as Greg reflects on the overabundance of things in our world, and a brief moment of calm after he gave his own overwhelm some order.

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If a Conspiracy Theorist Falls in a Forest and No One is Around To Hear It…Doesn’t That Seem Awfully Convenient? with Author and Pastor John Kirwin

Mandela effects, Flat Earth, Big Pharma, The Federal Reserve, The Moon Landing…..

Do you think it’s still okay to question the official narratives?

Pastor and Author of “The Conspiracy Theorist Survival Guide – A Guidebook for Persecuted Truthers” John Kirwin is here to stand up for you, as well as debate all the mainstream defenders.

He joins Greg to discuss his journey to distrust, as well as the role of faith versus fact when it comes to looking for alternative explanations for the way things actually work in this world.

This is a conspiracy theorist Olympics. When Greg fed the transcript of this episode to ChatGPT, he was honored a gold medal for content policy violations and he’s never been more proud.

John even runs Greg through his proof for the Mandela Effect (everything you thought you knew about it is about to blow up like a CIA inside job!)

It’s philosophical, it’s inflammatory, it’s thought-provoking, it’s epistemological, and above all else… it’s Open Loops.

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Timeshares for Chrononauts: Quantum Slips, Stacked Time Theory, and a Free 4D Travel Voucher* with Esoteric Expert Mike Ricksecker

It’s Fall here at Open Loops!

The leaves are changing color soon, and so are the MRI scans to mark seasonal depression…

Who needs to march ahead when you might be able to slip backwards like the born-to-be natural chrononaut you are.

Did you know you’re a time traveler? The ancients did. Mike Ricksecker, Author, Researcher, and Filmmaker, has written a new book called “Travels Through Time: Inside the Fourth Dimension, Time Travel, and Stacked Time Theory” and he joins Greg on this episode to prove his case.

You’ll hear about UFOs, time machines, evidence of back travelers, and how a Flux Capacitor can’t even fix Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

Mike provides a perspective on Time and nature of realtiy that’ll rock your fabric of space and “out-of-control pocket-watches ticking simultaneously” graphics.

This is a great one. Enjoy!

*voucher available upon discovery of real working time machine at your house. See, these timeshares are always scams. Get it?

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