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THIS is gonna sound weird. So is THIS. Also this, this, this & this. And THIS with Otherworldly Experiencer and Author Dana Louise

Greg’s guest this week, Dana Louise, is a dedicated professional and loving mother who navigates her life with a grounded approach. Growing up in Minnesota, she embraced the cultural values of her upbringing, balancing her professional pursuits and personal passions. Married with children, Dana skillfully maintains everyday family life while managing her career. She has run a food truck, appeared on reality shows, and authored a book (“THIS is gonna sound weird”), demonstrating her entrepreneurial spirit. Dana values the timing and discretion needed to share her personal experiences, always prioritizing her family’s peace of mind. Her interactions with neighbors and participation in community activities reflect her commitment to public engagement and openness.

And despite facing online negativity, Dana continues to seek meaningful connections and embraces her life’s purpose.

That doesn’t sound strange. That doesn’t sound too bizarre or outlandish or dare we say…”different”, right?

*Snicker* *Snicker*

It’s Open Loops.

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Everything you always wanted to know about sex * magick but were afraid to ask with Moon-Rose Magick, Temple Mistress & Eros Artist

*Or maybe Greg was afraid to ask….or was he just intrigued? Certainly curious.

The dark feminine energy is rampant in this episode and it’ll draw you in, make you feel electric from head to toe, and you’ll wake up from this sacred erotic trance podcast conversation with a much deeper appreciation for the divinity in hedonism (and in yourself).

Moon-Rose Magick is a tantric, shamanic goddess, eros, lover, mistress, priestess, speaker, teacher, performer, healer, facilitator, host, awakener, creative and erotic artist.

……we promise this is much less lame than Burning Man.

Moon-Rose Magick joins Greg to talk the taboo, Illuminati rituals, kink, devotion, mastery, alchemy, eroticism and how it all intertwines with the spiritual realm as a pathway towards personal transformation.

No, this isn’t just an invitation for you and your husband to stare each other in the eyes again for a very uncomfortable period of time. It’s a conversation of play, tapping into Jungian shadows and archetypal depths through sensuality, exploration, and the human connection.

Ready to navigate the intricate relationship between the sacred and the profane? Between the sensual and spiritual? Between the naughty, the nice, and lots of other toys that hopefully aren’t on Santa Claus’s request list?

Love yourself.

Treat yourself.

Play with…your headphones.

It’s Open Loops.

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23Me and the Annunaki: Evidence of ET Genealogy with Archeologist Ki’Shara Ninki

Ki’Shara Ninki. She’s that special kind of researcher/writer/explorer/archeologist/occult theologian that ruins your family meal by passing around laminated charts of your bloodline and tracing your ancestry back to metaphysically enabled lizards from Mars.

She’s invited to Greg’s seders any time she wants.

On this non-stop mind- blowing marathon of a conversation, Ki’Shara shares things you’ve never heard before on other paranormal/UFO shows, but does one thing a lot of guests can’t: supports all her claims with EVIDENCE.

That’s right: Ki’Shara has the stuff to fill in the gaps of Michael Cremo, Graham Hancock, Erich von Däniken, and Flint Dibble’s fashion choices.

In this episode, you’ll learn about the mysterious connections between humanity and the celestial genealogies that stretch across the cosmos—discover how our very existence may be intertwined with the stars!

You’ll rediscover Ancient Wisdom, diving deep into forgotten societies and the esoteric knowledge of the ancients, including powerful Sumerian deities and lost narratives that have shaped human spirituality and history.

You’ll even tap into the Psychic Realms, discovering how ancient insights align with modern psychic training to unlock profound psychic abilities you never knew you had!

And finally, brace for impact as Ki’Shara and Greg delve into explosive revelations from previously classified documents. Learn about the covert operations and hidden truths that have influenced major historical events!

I mean, it’s not any weirder than a dude parting the Red Sea if you really, really think about it….

…Come, think with us. Oh, and Happy Passover. It’s Open Loops.

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The War of START: Mental Fitness for the Too Analytical, Fearfully Cynical & Clinically Clinical with Personal Change Agent and Neurolinguist James Tripp

How does bashing the ineffectiveness of today’s obsession with mental health turn into a deconstruction of “conspiracy theory consciousness?”

It’s James Tripp’s 4th appearance on Open Loops, that’s how! Known for his work in advancing hypnosis without trance, his mastery of neurolinguistics, and his natural ability to foster personal change, James has perspectives unlike any you’ve ever heard. Some’ll shock you, some’ll go against everything you’ve held dearly, and most will open up your unconsciously limited views of what’s possible for you to achieve.

James and Greg delve into: mindset shifts, hypnosis, influencing change, the spectrum of mental health to skills, personal growth mechanisms, overcoming creative resistance, balancing creation and consumption, navigating life’s meanings and choices, insights on meaningful productivity, reevaluating life quality, the interplay between happiness and conspiracy theories, critiquing biases, political ideologies, understanding courage, and balancing creativity with obligations.

And in that order! (The timestamps got messed up…just roll with it).

You’ll walk away with clarity, choice, and personal power.

…..And if you’re lucky, Andrew Huberman might think you’re cute.

It’s an all new mind-bendy ride for your intellect and imagination on Open Looooops….

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Reality Crafting 5.0: This Time, It’s Personal with Ascension Coach Suzanna Kennedy

Get off the dating apps to find Sacred Love!

Radiation is good for you (if you’re the one doing the radiating)!

Why simply reading “The Secret” won’t help you manifest your dreams, even though it’s still working for Oprah for some reason!

All things you’ll learn about and more in a brand-new mind-expanding auditory exploration of the alternatively alluring!

Suzanna Kennedy, Ascension Coach and Creator of Reality Crafting 5.0, joins Greg to share her awakening story – her escape from corporate America to her newfound internal paradise in Hawaii. She also discusses how she helps her clients clear resistance and create new reality codes through the Infinite Energy of Love. There’s a love lot of love this episode, to be honest.

“Do a little dance, make a little….


You’ll learn about:

-Attracting those who align with your frequency.

-What healing modalities are missing that’s preventing you from crafting the reality you want!

-What those extraterrestrials are up to/solar flares/why Greg really needs to get off the dating apps.

Artisanal life design with a sprinkle of cosmic catharsis? Suzanna brings it. It’s Open Loops..

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You’re Living In A Simulation…How ‘Bout a Reboot? with Quantum Journeys Hypnotist Kryssa Marie Bowman

A Hypnotist, An Quantum Physicist, A Spiritual Advisor, and A Neuroscientist walk into an underground glow-in-the-dark rodeo bar that happens to be this podcast episode.

Which also happens to be a metaphor for reality.

And reality also happens to be an illusion that you’re manifesting at this very moment.

Wanna reset your matrix?

Today’s guest is going to teach you the science behind the spirit and the subconscious. For real.


Kryssa Marie Bowman, founder and trainer of Quantum Journeys Hypnosis, joins Greg to talk all things superconscious, higher self, paranormal, metaphysical, past life, and near death.

They get para. They get meta. They get high, past, near, and super engaged in other topics like:

(0:13:51) – The New Age and Kryssa’s Rebellious Past
(0:20:14) – Exploring Hypnotherapy and Past Trauma
(0:32:29) – Quantum Journeys and Past Life Hypnosis
(0:40:04) – Hypnosis, Healing, and Empowerment
(0:52:45) – Science, Consciousness, and Law of Attraction
(0:56:15) – Higher Consciousness Meets Manifestation
(1:08:32) – Navigating Life Through Intuition and Creation
(1:22:05) – Exploring Human Influence on Reality
(1:35:21) – The Connection between Hypnosis and Consciousness
(1:45:41) – Controversies in Hypnotherapy

This episode isn’t just a conversation; it’s a gateway to the multiverse of your mind.


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Sacred Truth Bombs of Ancient Egypt: An Audio Tour with Egyptologist/Hieroglyphics Expert Mohamad Ibraham

Have you ever felt the sands of time slipping through your fingers, whispering secrets of a bygone era?

You might not want to tell anyone out-loud. Keep the little rock whispers to yourself.

Join Greg on a journey back in time as he unravels the enigmatic world of ancient Egypt with Mohamad Ibraham, a historian, scholar, and tour guide from the historical city of Memphis, Egypt. Listen in as Mohamad shares his intimate connection with Egypt’s past, his evolution from a conventional Egyptologist to an alternative source of wisdom, and his collaborations with various scientific experts. They explore the philosophical underpinnings and spiritual dimensions that have shrouded this ancient civilization in mysteries like:

-The existence and secrets of Stargates in ancient Egypt (better than TSA pre-check)
-The possible roles of the pyramids of Giza as ancient energy conductors
-The ancient Egyptian concept of the five cycles of civilization and the significance of 2012
-Gravity control, Sounds, Magnetism, Cats
-Aliens, duh!!

The magic of the Egyptians cannot be understated. Why else would they keep showing stock footage of pyramids on Gaia?

This is a tour you will not want to miss.

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This Episode Is A PSYOP: How to Deprogram a Conspiracy Theorist with Antonio Perez

Want to learn top-secret classified Illuminati MK-Ultra Mind Control Secrets to turn your Qanon-believing aunt into Bill Nye the Science Guy?*

Former conspiracy theorist turned Certified Hypnotist and Life Coach Antonio Perez joins to Greg to talk about his journey “escaping the rabbit role.” This episode has it all: jokes, gossip, hypnosis techniques, run-ins with Alex Jones, exposing the lies behind Huna (ie. juicy goss), and for sure, at least three book plugs (but you should get the book…it’s actually pretty sweet).

Learn how the power of influence, persuasion, and cognitive dissonance creates some wildly questionable ways of thinking about our world in the minds of the sheeple who think everyone else is sheeple.

It’s the episode the New World Order is oddly okay with you hearing!

*If you were triggered because your auntie already resembles Bill Nye the Science Guy, our sincere apologies. That was merely coincidence… or was it.

(11:35) – Conspiracy Theories and Hypnosis
(25:40) – Beliefs, Alex Jones, and AI
(38:21) – Conspiracies, Vaccines, and Narcissism
(42:27) – Government Secrets and Conspiracy Theories’ Simplified Title
(47:45) – 9/11 Conspiracies and Epstein’s Death
(53:38) – Debating Conspiracy Theories
(58:37) – Logical Fallacies and Influence Techniques Discussion
(01:06:29) – Exploring Conspiracy Theories and Challenging Beliefs

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The Man on the Moon Takes Ozempic: ETs and Hollow Lunar Landings with Author Rob Shelsky

No guest on Open Loops can say definitively what’s happening with UFOs, extraterrestrial contact, or even the freakin’ moon.

Two episodes ago, we had someone telling us that the moon was essentially a directed energy weapon of the depths of hell that Neil Armstrong filmed a good TikTok on once.

We’ve heard it all on this show. We’ve never been there, it was a film set, the moon is a starship, it’s not actually “Goodnight Moon,” it’s “Good Morning” but the old lady in the chair has been isolated for 14 years and has no tangible grasp on reality,

We’ve heard all the contradictions. We’ve heard all the crackpot theories. But now it’s 2024….the year of true “Alien Disclosure” (supposedly).

…so Greg’s gung ho on going to go get himself even confused by whatever the #$#@! that thing is in the night sky.

On this episode, Greg welcomes prolific researcher and author Rob Shelsky to take on all things anomalous in outer space. He guides us through the eerie terrains of enigmas like the Hollow Moon theory and the Mandela Effect. As we traverse these shadowy topics, we delve into Rob’s own spine-chilling encounters from Down Under—experiences that ignited his quest for the truth amidst the world’s most perplexing mysteries including:

-The Alien Agenda and UFO Evidence
-The Moon UFO Cover-Ups
-Time Travel, Hoaxes, and Hidden Bases
– Unusual Claims About Extraterrestrial Activity
– Moon Landings and Secret Space Programs
– Shadow People and Evidence

Sure, it’s a list shorter than Jeffrey’s, but it’s still intriguing! Get ready for an episode that’ll blow your mind into little moon rocks that you can probably get a few bucks for at a Tampa flea market. It’s Open Loops.

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Same Old, Lang Auld: What the Eff Was 2023?!

In fifteen minutes, Greg reflects on his year and walks away with a revelation you’ll never forget.

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