23Me and the Annunaki: Evidence of ET Genealogy with Archeologist Ki’Shara Ninki

23Me and the Annunaki: Evidence of ET Genealogy with Archeologist Ki’Shara Ninki

Ki’Shara Ninki. She’s that special kind of researcher/writer/explorer/archeologist/occult theologian that ruins your family meal by passing around laminated charts of your bloodline and tracing your ancestry back to metaphysically enabled lizards from Mars.

She’s invited to Greg’s seders any time she wants.

On this non-stop mind- blowing marathon of a conversation, Ki’Shara shares things you’ve never heard before on other paranormal/UFO shows, but does one thing a lot of guests can’t: supports all her claims with EVIDENCE.

That’s right: Ki’Shara has the stuff to fill in the gaps of Michael Cremo, Graham Hancock, Erich von Däniken, and Flint Dibble’s fashion choices.

In this episode, you’ll learn about the mysterious connections between humanity and the celestial genealogies that stretch across the cosmos—discover how our very existence may be intertwined with the stars!

You’ll rediscover Ancient Wisdom, diving deep into forgotten societies and the esoteric knowledge of the ancients, including powerful Sumerian deities and lost narratives that have shaped human spirituality and history.

You’ll even tap into the Psychic Realms, discovering how ancient insights align with modern psychic training to unlock profound psychic abilities you never knew you had!

And finally, brace for impact as Ki’Shara and Greg delve into explosive revelations from previously classified documents. Learn about the covert operations and hidden truths that have influenced major historical events!

I mean, it’s not any weirder than a dude parting the Red Sea if you really, really think about it….

…Come, think with us. Oh, and Happy Passover. It’s Open Loops. 

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