Circus of Trauma with Ex-Cult Member and Sex Trafficking Survivor Amanda Catarzi

Warning: Don’t Listen To This Episode With Your Kids. 

That said, listen to this episode FOR your kids. For your loved ones. For anyone you have a smidgeon of empathy for. Even those you don’t.

Niche and Copywriting Specialist Amanda Catarzi joins Greg to talk details about the journey that led her to become a published author and founder of her own marketing agency. 

And this entire interview has nothing to do with marketing or copywriting whatsoever. 

It starts with the circus! 

If you’re interested in the psychology of how cults indoctrinate, as well as how that transforms into finding yourself being sex-trafficked without being consciously aware of it…well, Amanda has a tale for you. 

She holds nothing back. She tells it all. 

And she lets you know, yes indeed, there is a way out. 

Check out Amanda here and her work here:

For  sex-trafficking awareness, please go to:

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