Cognitive Orgasms in 7D! with Shaman Woman NYC’s Tjasa Ferme

Put on your 7D glasses for this episode. You’ll need ’em. 

(Just take two pairs of IMAX glasses and wear them on top of each other, and then put those on top of your regular prescription lenses, and mathematically that should work, right?)


Greg brings on a fantastic guest, and they’re talking lucid dreams and astral projections and slipping in between realities by accident! 

And it all starts with nudist parents? 

Yes and YES!

Greg welcomes Tjasa Ferme, a New York City-based Shaman, Actress. and the Founder/Artistic Director of Transforma Theatre Inc. 

It gets weird. But that’s by design. 

This might be a podcast episode. 

You also might just be dreaming…


Tjasa’s links: 

The Art of Lucid Dreaming on October 8th:

Facebook: @shamanwomannyc

Instagram: @femrolemodel


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