Generative AI-Aye-Aye: The End of Success and the Rise of Making Sense with Agent of Change James Tripp

Generative AI-Aye-Aye: The End of Success and the Rise of Making Sense with Agent of Change James Tripp

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You may have noticed there’s a gold rush of AI opportunities. Instant video creation, real-time art generation, copywriting without human touch. ChatGPT, MidJourney, OpenAI, Bard, and even Microsoft Bing (no one saw that one coming) are the future of work, art, and life. Why? Because they are the cutting edge of the Singularity.  

That’s right. We’re talkin’ AI.  

In this very special extended episode of Open Loops, Master Hypnotist and Agent of Change James Tripp returns to discuss the evolution of humanity’s consciousness as it gets outpaced by the never-ending revolution of artificial intelligence.  

Bottom-line, there’s a gold rush.  

But remember, if gold suddenly shows up everywhere as a resource…what’s it actually worth?

James told Greg he had thoughts on this very topic TOO CONTROVERSIAL for his audience.  

….But not for this show!  

And when he brings the Frankfurt School, universal income, and fall of SUCCESS for entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches and hypnotherapists…let’s just say there’s nothing held back in the mind-bending conversation about the AI overwhelm in abundance of 2023.

They cover:  

(0:00:13) – Artificial Intelligence and Creativity

(0:14:57) – The Challenges of Authentic Coaching

(0:22:41) – Hypnosis and Chat GPT Temptation

(0:26:22) – Making Money With Shiny Object Side Hustles

(0:39:58) – Finding Fulfillment Outside of Societal Expectations

(0:55:00) – The Bleak Future With AI

(1:07:54) – Creativity and Self-Development

(1:13:49) – Myths of Decision-Making and Worthiness

(1:26:50) – Psychotherapy and the Power of Belief

(1:30:31) – Neurolinguistics and Language Intelligence

(1:47:28) – Exploring the Limits of AI Modeling

(2:01:30) – The Importance of Generative Communication

(2:13:21) – Organizing Information With Zettelkasten and Your Second Brain

(2:22:44) – Criticism, Creativity, and AI Plagiarism

It’s a long episode, but we’re pretty sure some bot already replaced you at your day job anyways, so you’ve got the time for this audio journey like none other….it’s Open Loops.  

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