Holistic Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy with Hypnoacupuncturist Marisa Fanelli

Marisa Fanelli tells it like it is.  

You do Reiki, great. You good at it?  

You read Tarot? Awesome. You suck.  

She won’t let you get away with crap. 

But if you prove your abilities… You get in the gang. 

And once you do, she sets you up real good.  

The Mistress of Magicdom joins Greg to tell it straight about her personal experiences with spiritual healers, ghosts, exorcisms, and shamanic experiences.  

And how a left-brained practical English teacher become the successful hypnotist/acupuncturist she is today.  

It’s a deep dive into the strange with the strong flavor of savory New England clam chowder.  

She spits gold because she earns gold. $$$$ 

Listen carefully.  

Marisa’s Website: www.healingpointtherapeutics.com 

MarIsa’s FB Group: Holistic Entrepreneurs 

Mystical Popups: https://mysticalpopups.com/ 

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