Imagination As An Act of Warfare with Ariana DiLorenzo, of Ariana and the Rose

Reality is the enemy. 

Ariana and the Rose is ready for combat. 

Ariana DiLorenzo is the lead performer of the New York-based Synth-pop that took the immersive nightlife scene by storm. 

But before she became the Queen of the Night, she studied classical acting with Greg at NYU. 

Greg met her at freshman orientation and 13 years later after multiple successful singles, tours, and regular performances of her immersive experience, ” Light + Space” all over the world, Greg invited her here to understand deeply how she became the galactic glam star she is now. 


-How did Ariana envision creating the perfect evening of escape in egoic New York City nightlife? 

-Does Ariana believe in UFOs?

-How did Ariana and a chance encounter with Kanye West influence everything that’s happened to Kanye today?….

We’re at war with the mundane. Ribbon dancers, glitter GIs, neon nudists…charge. 

Ariana and the Rose will be there leading the way. 

Ariana’s Links: 

Official Website:

Instagram: @arianaandtherose

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and watch her videos on Youtube

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