My XXXtraterrestrial Romance with Delphic Whoracle Emanuela Rose

Emanuela Rose has something you probably don’t.  

One might guess from this episode’s title that we’re referring to her hot, green alien boyfriend.  

Or perhaps we’re referring to a steamy, intergalactic sex life that’s bound to make all earth men jealous until the end of eternity.  

Nope, nope, nope. It’s simpler than that.  

The thing she has that you might not: true love.  

Learn about how Emanuela met Emanuel, why “once you go alien, you’ll forget earth men,” as well as what an extraterrestrial OnlyFans account might look like.  

This episode isn’t what you think. How could you? We never thought the sentences coming out of Emanuela’s mouth would ever be a thing, either.  

Live long, prosper, use protection.  

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Emanuela’s Links: 

Instagram: @the.emanuela.rose
Check out Emanuela’s channel Blue Angel Love Tarot and her show: The Tarot Love Doctors Podcast

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