Opting Out of 3D Victimhood? Just Hit Unsubscribe with Black Swan Sibyl

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Black Swan Sybil wants to wake people up. 

Instead of boring you through another podcast about her specific pain, and trauma, and sob stories and how she rose above them…she does something different. 

She talks about rising above doing that kind of podcast episode. 

A 5th-Dimensional Podcast, if you will. 

What if letting go of victimhood meant letting go of talking about letting go of victimhood? 

This episode goes all kinds of deep. 

Black Swan Sibyl,  an intuitive empath, medium, and channel for spirit, talks to Greg about her journey out of cult thinking, trauma, and “mental illness” towards becoming a public messenger for higher Consciousness.

 And just what does that name mean exactly? 

Black Swan Sibyl’s Link:  www.blackswansibyl.com


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