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Birth Control for Frisky Elves: Stars, Herbs, and Timing Magic with Lisa Allen, The Timing Expert

Lisa Allen (Astrologer, Author, Herbalist, Reverend, Energy Healer, Tarot Pro) brings something a lot of her peers don’t to the realm of mystical forecasting: TIMING.

She’ll tell you what’s going to happen, but also when.

That said, this is an extremely loopy episode because in addition to talking about temporal psychic arts, Greg and Lisa also cover shamans that push people off cliffs, J. R. R. Tolkien opening real-life portals, and plant-based birth control.

Insert Beyond Meat joke here.

Insert “insert meat joke here” joke.

Don’t you ever grow up, Dear Listener. We won’t.

Just tune in to a wildly kooky expanse of consciousness with Lisa Allen, The Timing Expert, on Open Loops!

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Freakin’ Fringe: Para-doxes of the Weird

The Illuminati, UFOs, psychic spoon-bending, and Geocities websites designed to make you clinically insane?!

In this episode, Greg speaks to the many paradoxes and discoveries he’s made so far in exploring different fields “alternative thought.”

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Scrypnosis, Double-Encrypted Holy Scrolls, and Creating The Original Metaverse with Mind-Space-Time Matrix Hacker, David Brager

This episode is one of the weirdest yet. But take look at your reality and the news right now, and you tell us anything out here is “normal.”

David Brager is a self-proclaimed White Hat Hacker, creator of Scrypnosis, author of “The Future’s Toolkit,” and an Aquarius. He also has an argument that he’s the next King David in the line of Hebrew royalty.

David merged hypnosis with BASIC computer programming and the Commodore 64 in the early 80s, and since that point, he’s mapped out the matrix of the human mind, as well as all of space-time.

By merging the imagination with computers in the 80s, he preceded “virtual reality” and the Metaverse by 38 years and now wants the world to use the tools he’s created FOR FREE to save ourselves for the tyrants of humanity stopping us from our full human potential.

He also wants you to smoke pot. Greg wants you to smoke pot while listening to the episode.

Loopers….meet loopiest. David Brager is about to blow your mind open again and again and again….

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The Tell-All Time Traveler: My Life as a 55/67-Year-Old with Blake Hanson

Blake Hanson went to sleep one night in college and then woke up the next day in his 9-year-old body with a full 14 years of life experience.

No explanation whatsoever.

Parallel universes? Aliens playing tricks? A sick mind game by the government?

Blake’s never told this story in public before…listen in for the full story from a real-life time traveler!

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The Dark Nature of Your Authentic Self with Spiritual Mentor Julie Wild

Julie Wild spends a lot of time in the woods. And has a lot of disruptive views.

She wants to mentor you spiritually so that you never need a coach EVER again.

Greg had to know more.

Julie practices shadow alchemy, endarkenment and connects you to your deepest authenticity.

Spend a few hours with her, and she’ll tell you her life purpose.

She is a warrior trainer. A witch. A magician. And a worker of miracles.

Discover how you, yourself, manifested the global pandemic in this episode.

And if that triggers you, that’s the point.

Because that trigger is the beginning of your divine self-actualization….

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If You Hate Feelings of Extreme Bliss, Avoid This Episode with Andrew Kirschbaum (Non-Duality Speaker)

Andrew Kirschbaum had an awakening experience in his mid-twenties that fundamentally shifted everything he understands about reality.

Greg could not stop smiling during the recording of this podcast. Why? Because Andrew is a non-duality speaker, which means his words and energy (which you’ll experience listening to this episode) cause a different part of your brain to remain activated. The non-overthinking parts.

The parts associated with bliss, pleasure, joy, and glowing inside.

Andrew connects you to Source simply by having a conversation with him.

Greg could not believe it. Yet, he felt something real.

Andrew speaks from Awareness as it is through the illusion of the person speaking the words.

If you’re open to feeling high, without drugs, for a long, long period of time without the crash….you might wanna listen to this one.

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The 20 Year Abduction Tour: Slummin’ and Servin’ on Ceres Colony with Secret Space Program Experiencer Tony Rodrigues

Tony Rodrigues has a story unlike most Greg has heard. And after close to 200 episodes, that’s saying something incredible.

Tony has memories from 20 years of his childhood serving time in the US Secret Space Program. They froze him in time, they took him, and he did slave work in the cosmos and then proceeded to return him to right where he was in time after suffering terrible mental and physical abuse as part of his service.

In this interview, as well as his new autobiography “Ceres Colony Cavalier,” Tony blows the whistle on all of it.

Mind control, infinite alien races, the purpose of the Moon, life on Mars, time travel, government cloning.

The Secret Space Program has it all. And you won’t want to experience any of it.

Listen in as Tony brings it all to light….

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Greg leads you through a heavily self-referential odyssey of internal exploration and cultural commentary that ends with a new way to think about achievement and productivity (less as things to achieve and more as ways to be).

Sign up for a free hypnosis discovery call with Greg at

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Discover Your Unconscious Genius: NLP and the Attitudes of Mastery with Rex Sikes

You will transform after listening to this episode. You may just achieve your New Year’s Resolutions quicker than you ever thought possibly.

Greg felt the need to say a lot about him in this summary because he’s that good.

Greg is joined by Rex Sikes (Author of “Life on Your Terms, Live The Life You Want”)….a man is a legend in personal transformation! Tony Robbins, Richard Bandler…they’ve all worked with him.

Greg was inspired when he saw him speak in-person in NYC years ago and now he has the honor of having an in-depth conversation with a pioneer in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). They talk about the history of NLP, how you can accelerate your learning of any skill, and simple reframes for your unconscious mind so that you can achieve mastery in all areas of your life.

Sikes has four decades experience helping thousands of people transform their minds and lives. His innovations include Mind Design™ and Directed Questions™. He is a Master Trainer of NLP & DHE, A Master Hypnotherapist and Master Hypnotist, Whole Brain and Accelerated Learning, the Law of Attraction and is founder of IDEA Seminars.

He conducts online programs on transformation, Mind Design™ LOA, NLP and at public events. Sikes is a professional speaker, life and business mentor, consultant, and an educator. He is an actor and filmmaker and consultant to the entertainment industry. In addition to his blog Daily Inspiration And Gratitude, Rex is an author, creator of The Attitude Activator™, and featured on Learning Strategies ‘Euphoria’ program.

Rex presents seminars, public and corporate programs, full workshops and training events. He mentors professionals and newcomers in their fields. He is a keynote speaker the power of your mind to get your goals, increase you bottom line and make your dreams come true. His captivating message inspires audiences and will remain with you!

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The Boogeyman Lives Under My Bed AMA with MG Stephens, Neurodivergent Medium

If you give MG Stephens the chance to tell you a scary bedtime story, it’ll be entirely anecdotal.

Daughter of a renowned psychic and spirit medium, people have been BEGGING MG to document her stories and she’s finally done that in her new book and YouTube Podcast, “The Boogeyman Chronicles.”

She’s now a neurodivergent spiritual medium herself! And in this exclusive interview, MG dishes savory and supernatural sweet-deets that she’s never shared anywhere else before.

Ghosts, aliens, poltergeists…DEMONS.

If it’s a spiritual encounter, MG’s experienced it. If it’s an evil trauma-inducing paranormal encounter…MG’s experienced it.

These stories are unlike any others you’ve heard. Pay attention. And sage yourself thoroughly.

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