Paranormal Marital Activity with Ben Axe

Finding out the woman you love regularly communicates with her blood relatives on the other side. 


Not for this guy. 

He hosts a podcast about it instead! 

Greg welcomes Ben Axe, host of Paranormal Axetivities, a podcast on the All Everything Entertainment network. 

Ben explores all things paranormal and he joins Greg to talk about what he’s experienced that makes him just the right person for the job. 

Find out: 

  • How lifelong commitment to a psychic medium you love GUARANTEES you’re going to experience spirits 

  • Ben and his wife Dena’s real-life haunted tale,  “The Ribbon In The Woods,” which would make Stephen King shriek 

  • Social etiquette for dealing with living and non-living house guests 

Oh, and how about this for an Open Loops Exclusive: 

You’ll actually get to hear CAPTURED FOOTAGE OF A GHOST from Ben’s Spirit Box this episode that he’s NEVER BEFORE BEEN RELEASED to the public. 


Scared, yet? 


Ben’s Links: Paranormal Axetivities– Available at, all major podcasting platforms (Apple, Spotify) and

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