Swapcast 2020: Make America Empathic Again with Reluctant Visionary Evelyn Lorena

Swapcast 2020: Make America Empathic Again with Reluctant Visionary Evelyn Lorena

Every single one of you is Donald Trump.  

All of you reading this. 

Crazy to think, right?  

And what if you were worse that that? 

How deep does your darkness go? 

 It’s Halloween week. The week before the election.  

Time to plough the depths of your inner abyss.  And maybe then… you’ll see the light.  

Or even better… You’ll vote.  

Evelyn Lorena is an artist, visionary, writer, actress, podcaster, leader, Near Death Experiencer, Embodied Empath, Shadow Seeker, Matrix Dismantler, Mind-Bender, Majestic, Mischievous Maven of the the Mystical, and most important, Greg’s friend from college. 

Ie. She went to Stella Adler Studio of Acting with him, and she is…indeed…a LOOPER.  She hosts a show called “perspectives” which is full of intellectually escapist concepts.  

From the description: “What does it mean to be an artist or a practitioner in this moment? How are we evolving … adapting … CONNECTING. The podcast seeks to broaden our empathy as guests discuss their area of expertise within the art, politics, culture, and spirituality of our modern landscape. No topic is off limits. Stay curious. Ignite your empathy.”

Yeah, what did you think going to happen? 

She had to come on this show. He had to go on her show.  It’s a SWAPCAST.  

Find out:  

-Are Jim Carrey and Russell Brand actually enlightened? 

-For the first time publicly, Evelyn shares her near-death journey that sparked her own awakening.  

-Is Donald Trump actually a lightworker? 

A great actor makes her characters more than 2-dimensional. Evelyn experiences life in at least 6.  

Adjust your red tie, Patriot, and prepare to be riveted. 


Evelyn’s Links: 

perspectives Podcast:  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/perspectives/id150735503

Twitter- @evelyn_lorena 

Instagram: @evelynlorenaofficial 

IMDB: imdb.me/evelynlorena 


Make sure you VOTE. And if you enjoy this podcast, please let us know at ratethispodcast.com/openloops

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