The Man on the Moon Takes Ozempic: ETs and Hollow Lunar Landings with Author Rob Shelsky

The Man on the Moon Takes Ozempic: ETs and Hollow Lunar Landings with Author Rob Shelsky

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No guest on Open Loops can say definitively what’s happening with UFOs, extraterrestrial contact, or even the freakin’ moon.  

Two episodes ago, we had someone telling us that the moon was essentially a directed energy weapon of the depths of hell that Neil Armstrong filmed a good TikTok on once.  

We’ve heard it all on this show. We’ve never been there, it was a film set, the moon is a starship, it’s not actually “Goodnight Moon,” it’s “Good Morning” but the old lady in the chair has been isolated for 14 years and has no tangible grasp on reality,  

We’ve heard all the contradictions. We’ve heard all the crackpot theories. But now it’s 2024….the year of true “Alien Disclosure” (supposedly).  

…so Greg’s gung ho on going to go get himself even confused by whatever the #$#@! that thing is in the night sky.  

On this episode, Greg welcomes prolific researcher and author Rob Shelsky to take on all things anomalous in outer space.  He guides us through the eerie terrains of enigmas like the Hollow Moon theory and the Mandela Effect. As we traverse these shadowy topics, we delve into Rob’s own spine-chilling encounters from Down Under—experiences that ignited his quest for the truth amidst the world’s most perplexing mysteries including:  

  • The Alien Agenda and UFO Evidence
  • The Moon UFO Cover-Ups
  • Time Travel, Hoaxes, and Hidden Bases 
  • Unusual Claims About Extraterrestrial Activity
  • Moon Landings and Secret Space Programs
  • Shadow People and Evidence

Sure, it’s a list shorter than Jeffrey’s, but it’s still intriguing! Get ready for an episode that’ll blow your mind into little moon rocks that you can probably get a few bucks for at a Tampa flea market. It’s Open Loops. 

Find out more about Rob’s work at new books at

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