The Open Loops Hypno-Halloween Special featuring Emily from the Year 2070

Tim Seitz, the Happy Hypnotist, is one of the most creative practitioners of hypnosis, NLP, and mind arts in the field. 
Today, he comes on Open Loops with his mentee, Lina-Marie, to talk about and demonstrate hypnosis. 
At first, Tim talks about virtual reality, Inception, the Matrix, and The Holodeck.
And how he’s making those things happen in REAL LIFE. 
But then he demonstrates with Lina-Marie through hypnotizing her what actually is possible with trance. 
Some hypnotists only stop you from smoking.
Some hypnosis only relieve you from your phobias. 
On this episode, Tim hypnotizes Line-Marie and through her, channels an interdimensional space alien from the future. 
Hypnosis, Time Travel, Space Aliens, Galactic Royalty, Elon Musk and Tantric Sex. 
It’s not often you get to converse with a space alien. 
You’ll love meeting Emily. Greg sure did. 
Happy Hypno-Halloween…on Open Loops…
Tim’s Links: 
Website –  Seitz On Success 
Facebook – Seitz On Success
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