There’s No Such Thing As Hypnosis with Controversial Hypnosis Expert Jonathan Royle

There’s No Such Thing As Hypnosis with Controversial Hypnosis Expert Jonathan Royle

Dave Elman is considered the founding father of direct hypnosis. 

Milton Erickson is considered the founding father of indirect, conversational hypnosis. 

They’d smack Greg in the face with their pocket watches for this interview because his guest today is considered the dude that pisses on all of their legacies. 

Open Loops welcomes Jonathan Royle. 

Royle is regarded as a leading expert on Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Stage Hypnotism, Magic & Mentalism.

With a wide and varied career in both Entertainment and Therapy,  he’s here to tell you that hypnosis as we know it is complete nonsense. 

Mind practitioners have no special powers whatsoever. 

His views on hypnosis are the most radical and provocative Greg has ever heard. There, he welcomes it with open arms and additional gas to pour on…..

As a matter of fact, in this controversial, bombastic, arrogant, self-aggrandizing, and wildly mind-opening episode, Jonathan asserts that even though hypnosis is complete bullocks and NLP is full of winky-wankiness that doesn’t do anything unless the subject is expecting change in the first place, mind control is still VERY real and the elites are controlling our every thought. 

These are some of the most outrageous views of hypnosis, mind therapy, healing, and society ever spoken. 

He names names. He challenges other hypnotists openly. 

He’s called “The Bad Boy of Hypnosis.” 

…This episode proves why. 


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