“True” Sales and the Neuroscience of Buying with Sales Coach Peri Shawn

“True” Sales and the Neuroscience of Buying with Sales Coach Peri Shawn

Peri Shawn is an unusual combination of business (sales and leadership) and personal development She’s an award-winning business author and has been teaching the neuroscience of sales and leadership for 20 years. 

Also, when Greg wanted her to teach him mind control sales tactics and she didn’t bring him anything on influence or persuasion….

He had to know how that was possible. 

She more than blew Greg’s head open with a counterintuitive view on the way customers make decisions to buy. 

And Greg bought it. 

And if you’ve ever wanted to move someone emotionally towards taking the step they inevitably know is great for them, Peri will teach you how to do it with grace, ease, and science to back it up. 

Among other things, you’ll learn: 

– the one behavioral trait the brings back trust. and how to do it in a sales conversation. 

– how Peri deals with the “Price Objection.” 

– how many sentences can you speak before you lose a future customer? 

If you want your entire view of sales and influence turned-upside, but made practical….Peri Shawn shares some secrets that you won’t want to miss. 

Peri’s Links: 

Selling with Science and Soul Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/507469573376472

Coaching and Sales Institutehttps://www.coachingandsalesinstitute.com/

Peri’s Book – Sell More with Sales Coaching 

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