Unexplained Phenomena Explained with “The Phenomenist” Hypnotist and Magician Michael Mezmer

Unexplained Phenomena Explained with “The Phenomenist” Hypnotist and Magician Michael Mezmer

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Michael Mezmer as a guest is the trance experience you want to tune into. 

He’s an award-winning hypnotist, performer of DangerMagik, and experiencer of paranormal phenomena like none other.  

He’s performed all over the world, been on television, been featured at major venues, and he even holds a degree in psychology. (That’s the part that really legitimizes him….I mean, an academic that sticks nails up his nose. That’s a RateMyProfessor review you’re dying to leave).

In this episode, Michael delves into the secrets behind mystical entertainment that you can use to bring more of a sense of wonder into your life.  

He shares stories he’s never shared before, as well as insights into hypnosis and magic psychology (there’s that degree again) that performers of his caliber rarely EVER reveal.  

This episode is a real treat. Oh, and did we mention the ghost stories? Yes, there are real ghost stories.  

The theme park of your mind is here. The lights are turned on. Let’s ride. 

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