1.21 Gigawhaaat?: The Time Travel Device In My House with Aage Nost

We’re so grateful you’re here for our return guest…Aage Nost!

He’s the co-host of Broadcast Team Alpha, originally came from a farm in Norway, moved to the USA at 25 to pursue his dream of becoming a Professional Pilot. He achieved this dream, co-owning a Flight School, Air Taxi, and Air Carrier. Post-retirement, Aage delved into the mysteries of the mind, teaching the Zoxpro Mind Development course, practicing hypnosis, and writing several books and hosting a TV show for 6 years.

He teaches classes on Self Hypnosis, Meditation, Psychic Abilities, Astral Travel, and Universal Success Principles.

Today’s class (and class is now in session students, so pay close attention) is about a gizmo that Agge’s had for many, many year. A device created by a little-known inventor named Steven Gibbs. A device, that when properly activated, allows you to travel through other dimensions of time.  

The legends of Steven Gibb’s Time Travel devices, their origins, their potential, and what it means for the understanding of our own abilities to do “supernatural” acts, without even needing a machine to help us….  

(But to whomever is writing these show descriptions: this ain’t anything special. I think you need more machine help…Maybe think about using ChatGPT once in while?)

Episode best listened at 88mph….it’s Open Loops.

Aage’s Links: 




Book: https://goo.gl/5Ctg8b 

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