Awakening to the Fifth Dimension with Medical Intuitive Kimberly Meredith

You’ve just met Kimberly for a session. What happens next?  

She looks at you, each of her eyelids starts blinking at different frequencies, and then she’s able to tell you exactly what your body needs in order to heal itself.  

Then she puts her hands on you, ushers in Spirit, and you’re healed.  

That’s the POWER of awakening to the fifth dimension. And luckily enough, medical medium/intuitive and renowned bestselling author of “Awakening to the Fifth Dimension: Discovering The Soul’s Path to Healing,” Kimberly Meredith joins Greg in this episode to talk about her origin story, the most unbelievable healings she’s been a part of, how you can awaken to the highest levels of consciousness, and developing the skills of medical intuition and psychic powers.  

Finally, an episode you can listen to wearing your 5D glasses! You can probably wear Google Glass, too, but honestly, you haven’t thrown those out yet?  

The Edgar Cayce of this millennium….Kimberly will amaze you.  

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