Fifty Shades of Greys with Mr. Grey, Extraterrestrial Experiencer

Some call him Yan, some call him Mr. Grey. Some don’t call him at all. It’s much easier to sneak into his window at night, freeze time and space, bring him onto their craft and communicate telepathically than it is to leave a voicemail apparently….

Mr. Grey is an E.T. Experiencer, as well as host and producer of the YouTube channel “Experiencer Interviews.”

He’s been an Experiencer since the age of 3 years old and then things really ramped up after college. From visions to Angels, as well as unexplainably accurate psychic predictions (and remote viewing and communications with the afterlife and a slew of other anomalous phenomena…..geez, can’t this guy just have a normal night out at Applebee’s?!), Yan believes it is his mission to tell his story as well as share the stories of others to normalize these experiences in the public sphere.  

He joins Greg to discuss:  

(00:13) – Experiences With ETs

(15:06) – Exploring Psychic Experiences and ET Connections

(26:13) – The Complex Perspectives on the Greys

(38:07) – Shadow Beings and Paranormal Experiences

(53:47) – Abductions and Missing Fetuses

(57:35) – UFOs and Screen Images

(01:07:02) – Overcoming Fear and Changing UFO Beliefs

(01:14:36) – Debating the Benevolence of Extraterrestrials

(01:21:54) – UFO Sightings and Fear of Repercussions

(01:28:17) – Controversy and the Alien Hybrid Program

So yes, while the title of this episode doesn’t have much to do with Mormon erotica spin-offs from teenage vampire fiction, there still might be probes involved. Trick or trea–OUCH!  

…it’s Open Loops! 


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