Galaxy Guided Gal Grand Slams Greg’s Ego: Casey Edward at the Bat

Greg’s not into sports, but he knows when he’s lost a game.  

Casey Edward, Life Coach, Podcaster, Entrepreneur, Meditation Junkie, Avid Adventurer, and Manifestor-Extraordinaire joins Greg in a discussion where despite his attempt to connect with her “on the level”…he just doesn’t.  

One strike. He’s out.  

Among other things:  

-Casey gives Greg’s subconscious “girl advice.” 

-Social media as a tool for spiritual teaching, as well as covertly influencing your exes 

-The Secret of The Secret that’s different than what everyone else is saying about The Secret 

Casey brings it. Greg tries. We all learn something.  Maybe there is crying in baseball. 

Casey’s Links:   Podcast: I Can’t Wait To Tell You with Casey Edward, 




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