Magick Without The Womp Womp with Thelemic Occultist Marco Visconti

Mommy and Daddy tried to prevent you from sneaking into the R-rated area of the new age shop….not in this episode.

Dive into the spellbinding realm of occult and Thelemic magick with Marco Visconti, an expert guide in the esoteric field, in this enlightening episode of Open Loops. Greg and Marco delve deep into the enigmatic world of Aleister Crowley’s Thelema, a magical philosophy that’s as dynamic as the technology we use today, and explore its intricate ties with the universe we inhabit.

And yes, there’s sex magick. 

Listen in as they unpack the importance of personal practice in truly mastering the craft of magic. From discussing the intriguing role of sex in magickal practice (calm down over there) to its untapped healing potential, they leave no stone unturned. They also venture into the realm of the magician’s toolkit, examining everything from sacred geometry to the mystical scrying mirrors. Learn how these tools can transform you into a spiritual radio transmitter (oh baby, you turn me on like the radio), opening doors to dimensions beyond your everyday reality.

From the complexities of practicing magick in a modern setting to the potential impact of dark magick on world events  (Harry Putin and Sorcerer’s Stone?), Marco brings to light the clandestine corners of the occult world. 

Tune in, uncover the hidden truths, and prepare to see reality in a whole new light. 

Welcome to the grimoire adult section. 

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