MindGPT: How To Prompt Your $ubcon$ciou$ for $ucce$$ Part Two with Master Hypnotist Matteo Morelli

MindGPT: How To Prompt Your $ubcon$ciou$ for $ucce$$ Part Two with Master Hypnotist Matteo Morelli

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Lots of buzz these days about AI. But what about that infinitely large language model in your brain, the generative technology of your subconscious? Who’s programming that? Besides Elon Musk.  

You are! Every day, you can make choices to prompt your mind into excelling past your limiting beliefs and habits…up until now.  

Greg’s guest this week, Professional Hypnotist, Teacher, Author and Entrepreneur Matteo Morelli, joins Greg to share his journey from close-up magician to Mind Titan, all the while influencing you to successfully program yourself without paying $20 bucks a month for MindGPT-Plus.  

In Part Two of this interview, Matteo covers:  

(0:00:00) – Powerful Covert Hypnosis Techniques

(0:10:45) – Self-Work in Hypnosis

(0:25:04) – Social Authority in Influence

(0:37:54) – Mastering the Mental Aspect of Money

(0:45:22) – Designing Dream Lifestyle, Learning Money Skills

(0:52:59) – Building Wealth Through Skills and Connections

(0:59:52) – Productivity and Organization for Entrepreneurs

(1:08:12) – Mind Moneta and Mind Titans

Listen up. Before they fuse your brain with Siri and you won’t be able to choose your preferred spoken-word content. 

Matteo’s Links:



Matteo’s Book – “Covert Hypnosis in Real Life: Secrets of the Only NLP Techniques that Truly Work” 

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