Perfect Pink Possessed Plastic with Haunted Historian Stephanie Bingham

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Huddle close, dear listeners, as we journey through the uncanny world of haunted dolls, possessed artifacts, and paranormal phenomena with our esteemed guest, the renowned paranormal investigator, Stephanie Bingham. Ever wanted to understand the intricate link between spirits and inanimate objects? Or why some toys are seemingly more prone to hauntings than others?

Does that mean that Toy Story is basically just a sequel to Chucky?!?  

Also…who’s more demonic, Barbie or Ken?  

Bingham, armed with extensive research and personal experiences, unearths these chilling connections and shares unforgettable tales stretching from ancient Egypt to modern hauntings like the infamous Annabelle doll.  

(0:00:13) – Haunted Dolls and Possessed Objects

(0:05:43) – Annabelle and Haunted Dolls

(0:20:24) – Haunted Objects and Their Stories

(0:29:57) – Haunted Toys, Ghost Tours, Hollywood Hauntings

(0:38:19) – Paranormal Phenomena and Haunted Objects

(0:51:22) – Haunted Objects and Paranormal Caution

(0:58:53) – Hauntings and Cursed Objects

(1:15:06) – Exploring Haunted Dolls and Modern Vampirism

(1:24:53) – Establishing Boundaries With Entities

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