Snipers and Spirits: Interview with The Military Medium, Dean McMurray

Yeah, yeah, Open Loops brought you a psychic, and of course, we ask about the election, 

But that aside: 

Dean McMurray, the world-renowned Military Medium, joins Greg this episode to discuss if we should hand psychics military-grade weaponry, but also if we should spend time during Basic Training teaching soldiers how to align their chakras. 

And of course, your host Greg gets scared when psychics come on the show. 

Is Greg going to turn out okay, Dean? Is he? 

That’s all he wants to know on this episode, and he’s right to ask. 

Because Dean senses those things. 

Dean McMurray is clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant, clairgustant, and even experiences clairtangency. He has mediumship abilities, he can remote view, he’s dowsed, he’s found missing people, he does intuitive real estate consulting, and he has communicated with extraterrestrial entities. 

And he also happens to be a 24 year Army Veteran. 

When military rigidity meets midnight hauntings, you know you’re in for a treat. 

Also, Project Stargate. Secret Military Undercover Ops. UFOS. Exorcisms. All in this episode. 

Dean McMurray serves it up. And it definitely tastes better than the army food they show in the movies. 

…..But like, is Greg gonna be ok? 


Dean’s Links: 

Dean McMurray, Military Medium Official Website:

The Red, White and You Show:


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