The Boogeyman Lives Under My Bed AMA with MG Stephens, Neurodivergent Medium

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If you give MG Stephens the chance to tell you a scary bedtime story, it’ll be entirely anecdotal.  

Daughter of a renowned psychic and spirit medium, people have been BEGGING MG to document her stories and she’s finally done that in her new book and YouTube Podcast, “The Boogeyman Chronicles.”  

She’s now a neurodivergent spiritual medium herself!  And in this exclusive interview, MG dishes savory and supernatural sweet-deets that she’s never shared anywhere else before.  

Ghosts, aliens, poltergeists…DEMONS.  

If it’s a spiritual encounter, MG’s experienced it. If it’s an evil trauma-inducing paranormal encounter…MG’s experienced it.  

These stories are unlike any others you’ve heard. Pay attention. And sage yourself thoroughly. 

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