The Saturn Moon Matrix with Omar Paugh of WatchersTalk

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Omar Paugh, host and creator of the very popular YouTube channel “WatchersTalk,” is no stranger to Open Loops. Previously: he’s revealed the history of the Illuminati, he’s dropped a radical theory of consciousness on Greg while simultaneously sweating rainbows (literally), and now, in this very special deep dive episode, Omar does the unbelievable:

In full detail, you will finally confront the truth about your existence on this planet. A matrix worse than the 4th Matrix.

Saturn, The Moon, A Projection of You.

Get ready for an unforgettable shattering of your reality, while syncing into the ins and outs of our spiritual war.

Also, Greg’s manhood is confronted. And that’s always fun.

It’s an all new, all mind-bending, all out freak show.

Sweating Skittles just thinkin’ about it! It’s Open Loops….

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