The Shamandalorian starring Psychic Shaman Aaron Fowler

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A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, a powerful psychic shaman named Aaron Fowler came on the show to delve into the fascinating world of unlocking higher consciousness. Along his journey, he explored the trance connection to shamanism, the different levels of consciousness, and how his work helps people open up to higher levels of awareness.

As he traveled through the cosmos, he encountered many challenges, including the suppression of human spiritual abilities and the role of fear in personal growth. But with his trust in the Force and his powerful shamanic abilities, he was able to overcome these obstacles and help guide others on their own paths to enlightenment.

Through the force of his guidance, he led many individuals to discover their purpose and pursue fulfilling careers, tapping into the power of the Akashic Records and unlocking the secrets of higher realms and beings that influence our lives. With his powerful vision and wisdom, Aaron Fowler was a true Jedi of psychic shamanism, guiding those who seek the path to the light side of the force.

…..And Greg’s his Baby Yoda.  

It’s an all-new endlessly expansive, better than all three prequels, episode of Open Loops! 

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