The Universe Is Your Sugar Daddy: Interview with Recording Artist Jessi Jordan

Jessi Jordan is a dynamic musical force. 

Beyonce, Pink, and Jessica Simpson, all of whom she’s done releases for, definitely think so. 

She’s also has an amazingly fun podcast called #LoveTalkTuesday where she goes live, takes questions from the audience, and spills the honest truth about love with her closest friends from all over the world. 

She also released a new single called “Circles” that’s extremely catchy. 

She has a book on holistic skin care. 

She also went to Columbia for engineering. 

Are you intimidated yet? 

Greg was. 

And then he had this AMAZING conversation. 

We discover:

—Should Myers-Briggs types date other Myers-Briggs?

—What are practical steps to actually loving yourself?

—Is the music industry one big scam?

—Is Beyonce in the Illuminati?

One INTJ meets one ENFP…..but let’s be real, this episode is ALL ENFP. 

Come, Sugar Children. Daddy’s home. 

Jessi’s Links: 

New Single: Circles


Podcast: #LoveTalkTuesday


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