This Episode Is A PSYOP: How to Deprogram a Conspiracy Theorist with Antonio Perez

This Episode Is A PSYOP: How to Deprogram a Conspiracy Theorist with Antonio Perez

Want to learn top-secret classified Illuminati MK-Ultra Mind Control Secrets to turn your Qanon-believing aunt into Bill Nye the Science Guy?*  

Former conspiracy theorist turned Certified Hypnotist and Life Coach Antonio Perez joins to Greg to talk about his journey “escaping the rabbit role.” This episode has it all: jokes, gossip, hypnosis techniques, run-ins with Alex Jones, exposing the lies behind Huna (ie. juicy goss), and for sure, at least three book plugs (but you should get the book…it’s actually pretty sweet).  

Learn how the power of influence, persuasion, and cognitive dissonance creates some wildly questionable ways of thinking about our world in the minds of the sheeple who think everyone else is sheeple.  

It’s the episode the New World Order is oddly okay with you hearing!  

*If you were triggered because your auntie already resembles Bill Nye the Science Guy, our sincere apologies. That was merely coincidence… or was it. 

(11:35) – Conspiracy Theories and Hypnosis

(25:40) – Beliefs, Alex Jones, and AI

(38:21) – Conspiracies, Vaccines, and Narcissism

(42:27) – Government Secrets and Conspiracy Theories’ Simplified Title

(47:45) – 9/11 Conspiracies and Epstein’s Death

(53:38) – Debating Conspiracy Theories

(58:37) – Logical Fallacies and Influence Techniques Discussion

(01:06:29) – Exploring Conspiracy Theories and Challenging Beliefs

Antonio’s Links: 

Get the Book here – Converting Conspiracy Theorists: Rescue Anyone from Dangerous & Destructive Conspiracy Theories

For more Antonio, go to his website:

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