Thrills, Fills, and Free Will Chill Pills: Human Design & The Human Spirit with Magnetic Goddess and Spiritual Mentor AmyLee Westervelt

Thrills, Fills, and Free Will Chill Pills: Human Design & The Human Spirit with Magnetic Goddess and Spiritual Mentor AmyLee Westervelt

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Brace yourself. It’s been a crazy two weeks of ET Disclosure. David Grusch, a former midranking civilian intelligence officer and Air Force veteran, has come forward publicly to share his knowledge of extraterrestrial contact and secret black ops government programs reverse-engineering advanced technology from crashed flying saucers.  

Also, Dr. Steven Greer held his UAP/UFO/ET Disclosure National Press Club event where several whistleblowers came forward about the reality of the black ops UFO programs, underground military facilities, and abuse suffered by false simulations of abductions from anti-gravity craft the military possesses.  

Greg has to talk about this in this episode, right?!?! RIGHT?!?!  

Nah. The ETs made him sign a gag order.  

Because in this episode, Greg’s guest is dealing with a far more pertinent issue: you. Do you think the government is keeping you in the dark? Do you think evil extraterrestrials are out there running the world and that’s why you can’t afford to travel the world? Do you hate your life? Are you a little crybaby? Are you?  

Oh, you are?

Well, that’s just a little heart-wrenching…

Anyways: Greg’s guest this week, AmyLee Westervelt, mystic, mentor, a practitioner in all things hypnosis, NLP, and Human Design pulls no punches in this episode where she discusses the profound connection between free will and the collective consciousness, the secrets of alchemy, glamour, manifestation, and the difference between how you can live from your human self versus from your higher self.  

She even gives you practical steps to living a fulfilled life of infinite riches and nonstop thrills.  

You’ll learn about the connection between belief, oppression, and sovereignty, as well as the power of Human Design and how it can be used as a diagnostic tool. Greg and AmyLee ponder the ideas of memory revision, rational mysticism, and Neville Goddard’s teachings.

And for those that wanna know the connection between all these topics and ETs……you’re not gonna get it in this one. But we told you that already. (Greg’s on it for future episodes, don’t worry.)

AmyLee has pledged a mind-shattering transmission that will trigger a spiritual activation as you listen. So, settle down, take a deep breath, and absorb it all. This Open Loops experience is one you won’t easily forget!

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