Trancing, Fast and Slow: Neuroscientific Hypnosis and the Psychotropic Metaphor with Master Hypnotist, Author, and NLP Trainer Jess Marion

Trancing, Fast and Slow: Neuroscientific Hypnosis and the Psychotropic Metaphor with Master Hypnotist, Author, and NLP Trainer Jess Marion

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Journey with Greg to the insights of esteemed hypnotist, coach, teacher, healer, sacred medicine practitioner, and NLP and HNLP Maestro, Jess Marion. Picture yourself stepping into the realm of storytelling, intricately woven narratives, and the transformative potential of hypnosis.

As your guide, Jess, paints a vivid scene, you can perceive your brain akin to an eager audience, naturally receptive to stories. These tales are not just stories, they’re vessels carrying ideas, subtly reshaping your experiences and subtly demonstrating perspectives you hadn’t considered before.

In this realm, you’ll stumble upon nested loops, a fascinating technique reminiscent of Russian dolls. Story within story, each loop is like a path leading you further into a captivating narrative landscape, a unique kind of maze designed to foster unconscious rapport and a sense of linguistic intrigue that stirs your intellect.

At this point, you may find yourself recalling an old tale, perhaps one told by your grandmother, where one narrative seamlessly cascades into another. Isn’t it fascinating how similar this is to exploring the ethics of hypnosis? The focus is on the delicate balance between suggestion and your commitment. You can almost hear the city’s hustle and bustle, a backdrop that served as Jess’s training ground, where she fine-tuned her skills in the midst of urban chaos.

As you navigate this narrative labyrinth, imagine yourself stepping into an enigmatic room filled with the mystique of Rasputin. Jess unravels her own experience of channeling him, a tale that engrosses you and underscores the intricate dance between your conscious and unconscious mind.

You soon find yourself at a thought-provoking crossroad where hypnosis meets mysticism. Jess, like a trusted guide, shares her insights on hypnosis’s potential to mirror a psychedelic journey, but without any substances involved. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Continuing this winding path, neuroscience appears on the horizon, its metaphors serving as lighthouses illuminating the complex terrain of your unconscious and super-conscious mind.

As this enlightening conversation winds down, you find yourself back where you started, at the entrance of the narrative labyrinth. Just like a skilled hypnotist bridging conscious states, you’ve embarked on a journey through a maze of stories and ideas, discovering the transformative potential of hypnosis. By stepping into this intricate dance of narratives, you uncover a deeper understanding of the vast capabilities of your own mind.

“There’s no such thing as hypnosis. Everything is hypnosis.”

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