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Ohhhh…That’s Where I Put It!: The Truth About Atlantis with David Edward

The Lost City of Atlantis. The highly advanced technological society that sunk under the ocean.

Plato introduced us to it, Edgar Cayce popularized it, Graham Hancock uncovers archeological proof of it, and Disney released a movie no one remembers about it.

It’s shrouded with mystery and hypothetical questions, if you rely on your non-Shark education still from t the Discovery Channel.

Multiple-time published author and former US Army Special Agent David Edward joins Greg to present the definitive answers to where, what, and why Atlantis exists. As well as those other journalism “W” questions. And “How?”. And how.

Atlantis is finally found…..paradigms are shattered…’s an all-new episode of Open Loops!

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Machiavelli’s Atlas of the Heart: The Highly Sensitive Person’s Guide to Peak Performance with Cathy Spaas

What can Cathy Spaas, a former elite international showjumper and world-renowned coach to artists, actors, and performers, featured in media outlets all across the globe, a public advocate for highly sensitive persons (HSPs), teach Greg about living a life of flow? A life of positive energy and financial abundance? A life filled with joy, and authenticity, and ease, and fun?

How about some more hypothetical questions?

Do you want to be in the spotlight but have self-doubt? Are you stressed about performing well in any area of your life and would like that stress to go away forever?

Do you get stressed out reading questions about getting stressed? Are you starting to doubt your reading abilities? Are you starting to realize that wherever this is leading you, it might not be where you initially expected it?

Would you be okay with that?

Don’t worry. Everything’s gonna work out perfectly. Consider this your weekly JOLT of energy.

This episode is energy transference at its finest. Cathy Spaas, host of Spotlight Stress (the go-to show for professional misfits) brings spirit and psychological science to living in flow.

Simply by listening and remaining present, you will walk away more in tune with the highest performing version of yourself.

No further questions necessary.

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Sing A Song ‘Ascension: How To Reactivate Your DNA in 2023 with Truth Frequency Radio’s Nikki Colombo

“She’s a Starseed, waiting in the sky. She’d like to come and meet you, and she knows she’ll blow your mind.”

Nikki Colombo, Host of The Nikki Colombo Show on Truth Frequency Radio, joins Greg to help wake people up to their true history through activating your DNA as you’re listening! She talks MILABs, the dangers of AI, Kundalini Awakening, underground alien bases, her encounters with Light Beings, the most mind-blowing information she’s ever learned on her show, as well as how to defend your energy with a Maharic 12th Dimension Energy Shield (so you knock that one off your bucket list).

She’ll walk you how to do it STEP-BY-STEP so you can experience it yourself.

A singer, broadcaster, dancer, make-up artist, healer, remote viewer, researcher, starseed, lightworker is just the friend you need to have an amazing New Year. Let all the children boogie woogie oogie.

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New Year, New You(s): Project Looking Glass, CERN Timeline Splits, and Evidence of Secret Space Programs with Frank Jacob

Does Spielberg know the truth about extraterrestrials? Is there a Jump Room to Mars in a California hospital basement? What’s happening inside inner earth? What advanced future-viewing technology does the government have that they don’t want to disclose to us? What is CERN’s true intent with the The Large Hadron Collider? Are we about to be in Consciousness Utopia with our larger interdimensional family or is AI and the Technocracy about to destroy us all?

Award-Winning Filmmaker and Researcher Frank Jacob joins Greg to prep you for 2023 by answering these questions because who gives a hoot about your resolutions when the fate of civilization is in the balance?

You can always lose 10 pounds in the next timeline…

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Bam! Pow! Angel Smack!: Slappin’ Sense Into Your Soul Purpose with Joan of Angels

Do angels have to bang you over the head repeatedly with their halos to get you to do the thing you were meant to pursue in your lifetime? Returning guest and spiritual club bouncer Joan of Angels lays it down, spreads their messages, finds the beautiful art inside each and every one of you, lifts you up in Christ consciousness, and still manages to leave a red mark.

Well, if you don’t follow your chosen path that is…Ouch!

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Podcasters Are OBSESSED With Their Own Voices: A Greg Meditation

Will Greg find self-love? And how does it help you to find your own self-love, practically, in a world of democratized influence?

All baked within the warm, molten chocolate lava cake context of whatever the eff this show is about.

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NLP for Narcissists

Andrew T. Austin strikes again! A brilliant post about how narcissists use NLP to gaslight others inspires Greg to record his commentary on how self-helpers do, indeed, gaslight you, as well as teach you fundamental principles of the study of subjective experience, “Neuro-Linguistic Programming.”

We’re pretty sure that’s what the eff this show is about….

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The Devil Cat In Your Head: A Greg Meditation

How does language imprison your psyche and how do you escape those doubting voices like Harry Houdini at Alcatraz? Go deep into the rabbit hole of mind technology (NLP, hypnosis, mindfulnness) and discover the root solution that’s a skeleton key to your freedom.

Or maybe Greg’s just rambling about whatever the eff this show is about. You decide.

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Intellectual Escapism 2.0: A Greg Meditation

What is the bridge from reality to fringe to fantasy? Greg examines the concept from hypnosis, “pacing and leading” and relates it to whatever the eff he talks about on this show.

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